Zhuo record information: the current rubber in the regression phase adjustment

As of Wednesday Hujiao ascribed to this week, Hujiao has been out of six consecutive years down, the center of gravity also moved to 20000 line, back to the Spring Festival before the Spring Festival
The price level.
Datong big data terminal market shows that on February 23, Hujiao 1705 fell 6.27 percent, to close at 18690 yuan / Dayton.

continuous Yindie also made the market once short of remarks, quite rubber market to cattle for the bear’s potential.
Is natural rubber now “returning” or “turning”?

In the Lantern Festival, the downstream business procurement rhythm is not active, Zhuo record information natural rubber research team in the monitoring market transactions, found that the market to buy traders to make the main library, the factory procurement is not high, the majority
For small single scattered procurement.
The large rubber products business to understand the procurement of raw materials, the current large-scale enterprises are relatively adequate raw material inventory, the current procurement intent to favor the procurement of goods in orbit around May to Hong Kong.

1111219982387 Zhuo record natural rubber research team that some time ago synthetic rubber once premium water to reach 6,000 yuan / ton, synthetic rubber rose sharply to give a strong support for natural rubber, and now an important natural rubber to see more logic is, synthetic rubber
The high water will stimulate the demand for natural rubber, support natural rubber prices, the current point of view is still valid.
The rubber industry is in the process of regression adjustment, but also on the Spring Festival after the sharp rise in the price of repair, so now does not have the basis of the transition, but because of the price to maintain high, cut the area and the increase in production
Is still a pressing factor can not be ignored, for the rise of space should be cautious, but also shows that the downside is not big, in March there will be “two sessions” and other macro favorable subject matter, the current market adjustment is expected to squat
Poised, short-term market will continue to shock repeatedly.

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