Zhengtai solar energy efficient single crystal battery flashing available

Zhejiang Zhengtai Solar Technology Co., Ltd. announced that the company formally mass production of high efficiency single crystal cell, the average conversion efficiency of up to 19.3% battery, walk in the forefront of the industry.
And for the battery chip named & ldquo; star & rdquo ;.
It is reported that Chint R & D team spent a few months time, the use of new technologies and production processes, without increasing the cost of production on the basis of a successful substantial increase in single crystal efficient cell conversion efficiency.

This is known as “new star” and the new battery chip PV module, the product output power has been improved.
Such as the use of 60 array of photovoltaic modules, power up to 260Wp; and the use of 72 array of photovoltaic modules, power up to 310Wp.
High power components can reduce the total investment in PV systems and land costs, and ultimately improve the project’s return on investment.
In the near future, the R & D department plans to further increase the efficiency to 19.5%. The company has said that the R & D department plans to increase its efficiency to 19.5%.
“We are actively improving the conversion efficiency of the battery and the output power of the components, expecting more clean energy to be brought to the world.”
“Zheng Tai Solar CEO Dr. Yang Liyou evaluation,” the introduction of new products to attract the interest of many customers, we believe that through close cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.
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