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In modern tiling process, I believe many designers will encounter loss problems, in fact, the loss is inevitable. However, the owner needs to know whether the loss is normal or malicious loss. The greater the loss, the greater the loss of the owner. In order to reduce the abnormal consumption, the whole process of tiling will have to be put into the hands. Here we will teach you: how to reduce tile floor loss and tile floor matching skills?.

How to reduce tile floor?:

1. Accept normal wear and tear

In the process of paving tiles and floors, the loss is inevitable. Huang explained that the size of the room and tile size does not necessarily match, so you need to cut off tiles, cut off tiles if you can not continue to use, it caused a loss. According to reports, generally speaking, the overall loss rate of tiles between 5%-10% is normal. &ldquo: owners must first accept the concept of attrition as an objective, as it is a necessity of construction. ”

The normal wear and tear is caused by several reasons: the size of the house space and the size of the tiles are not consistent with the size. Huang Xiang Ling for example, if the house is 3.65 meters wide, then install 600× 600 mm tiles are just right, but if it is 4 meters wide houses, the remaining 20 cm tiles will have to cut, causing loss. In addition, the larger the size of the tiles, the more losses. If it is 800&times, 800 mm, 1200&times, 1200 mm tiles, cut tiles will be more loss, such a loss is far more than 10%.

2, pay attention to abnormal wear and tear

Abnormal losses are also present in the actual process. Experts said that the abnormal consumption of ceramic tiles was mainly caused by improper purchase and construction. It is understood that if the tiles are of poor quality, the possibility of damage, the construction of large losses inevitable; and customers can not accept the color tiles is too large, the workers in the pre laid when the color, not the founder, upwarping of tile out, if “ low processing ” cannot be returned for the products. “ this loss is very alarming. ” construction and operation, such as pavement when accidentally smashed tiles, even if it is not caused by the skilled workers, if 100 tiles in the crack number more than 2, are considered malicious loss.

3, the whole process monitoring, reduce the loss

Experts suggest that to reduce the loss of tiles and floors, we must grasp the whole process link. On the tiles, consumers buy the best qualified products, and agreed to change conditions and businesses, such as whether can return, replacement, repair, claims and responsibility, if there is a problem also know how to deal with; also in the purchase of ceramic tile size should also be considered, the ordinary 10-30 square meters room, general shop 600× 600 mm tiles on the line, without too much loss or more tiles.

In order to avoid tile loss, have to oversee. “ once the workers found the tiles cut away or broken, be careless with, have to ask, to prevent workers to waste. ”

Tile floor matching skills:

1, deep color floor performance is strong, often give high-end atmosphere feeling

The furniture is usually darker in color. Metope chooses beige to be able to complement each other with floor. White walls and dark floors match the floors to look darker. If the metope chooses same as warm color of beige, color contrast is small, space will appear big.

2, the dark Department of the floor, suitable for Chinese and European style

Rosewood furniture, elegant and elegant Ming and Qing furniture, regardless of style or color, will show the owner’s taste. A set of exquisite rosewood furniture, rare and precious wood species, exquisite and excellent design and workmanship, as a symbol of traditional Chinese classical culture, with heritage value. Traditional Chinese, new Chinese style, with concise style, smooth lines of mahogany furniture is the most popular, with walnut, mahogany flooring, more noble.

3, light colored floors are easier to take care of than dark floors

Spring in the north, dust more, light colored floors are more resistant to dirty. If you like the bright sunshine, then choose Beige floor can make home more warm. As the main color of home style, the floor of the material, color, furniture and wall also need to be combined, texture and color should be harmonious unity, contrast can not be too large, otherwise it will appear abrupt and uncoordinated. In the same color system, choose different colors of the texture patterns, will make the home with more rich levels of collocation. If your home floor is not high or light, the light colored floor is more suitable.

4, white floor + grey white wall

The white floor can create a quiet Home Furnishing atmosphere, Xiao Bian recommended using walls with gray white, gray and white floor is active and relaxed family atmosphere, will not conflict with the floor color, not top-heavy “ ”.

Editor’s summary: how to reduce tile floor loss and tile floor collocation skills introduced here, hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to qijia.

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