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With the rapid development of the real estate market in the past ten years, the demand for elevator is also increasing day by day. The elevator brand is also very diverse, so what are the better elevator brands? How much is the price of brand elevator? Next, with a small piece to understand, take a look at it.

[brand] lift on the global scale, ranked in the world first brand are: Otis, Schindler, Thyssen, Tongli, MITSUBISHI and Hitachi, Japan; Toshiba, Shanghai MITSUBISHI and other second tier brands are of course. According to the brand in the Chinese sales, China should all count in the world brands. The elevator is divided into two factions: Europe and the United States Department of Otis, Schindler, Thyssen, Tongli; Japanese MITSUBISHI, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fushida. Europe and the United States lift stressing safety, comfort, high efficiency, low failure rate, long service life, currently more than 20 years have existed in Otis as the representative of the Department of European and American products. Otis is more slogan and buildings with life; Japanese lift is considered more comfort, more frequent use in places (such as office buildings, hospitals and other places) 12 years to be scrapped, this is because Japan is a small country of scarce resources, is to Quality remains the design concept

[brand elevator price]

Because the market is large, the consumption level is different, good and poor lift, the high price of the low price has its potential users, office building, hotel, hospital building and other property rights belong to Party A’s own users and high-grade residential use good brand and reliable quality of the elevator, the elevator brand good quality advantage is mainly reflected in: long service life, low failure rate, reliable operation, high safety coefficient, higher intelligent customer service maintenance, timely and reliable. The quality and the price of the elevator is closely related, as the saying goes, a penny goods, a good brand of high price of the elevator is also very good. The quality of the corresponding lift the domestic market, many brands, the quality is also imported parts more dragons and fishes jumbled together, advanced technology products, has the production technology of backward products. Brands with two or three line brand price difference is also great. The best brand production line Reflected in the product configuration, machine, door machine, control system, screen door protection, other components analogy security pincers, xiansuqi will be the best choice of models, they are of good quality, safety and comfort for the pursuit of goals. The two or three line brand price is the main competitive force, they reduce as much as possible the configuration, the host for the country, reducing the function, control cabinet using general circuit board, safety clamp, xiansuqi components are replaced with less cheaper products, the quality standard of different parts of the lift elevator different price. Lift more popular on the market for most of the permanent magnet synchronous this elevator gear machine, energy saving and environmental protection, the price of roughly the following brands and main configuration (excluding freight, installation fees and test fees)

Summary: to brand elevator price data is based on the best manufacturers elevator model analysis, for reference purposes only

The elevator brand Toshiba elevator elevator lift attic loft Elevator.

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