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With the rapid development of science and technology, the steel structure, ship manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, equipment installation, bridge engineering, wind power generation, oil rigs, electric power construction, railway manufacturing and other fields are often used in magnetic drill, magnetic drill simple definition is adsorbed on the steel structure of the drilling rig. Next, let’s get to know something about the magnetic drill bit.

[brief introduction of magnetic drill bit]

Magnetic drill, also called magnetic base drill, is the electric current produced by the change of the magnetic field at the bottom of the magnetic drill. The magnetic field is absorbed on the steel structure, and then the magnetic drill motor runs at high speed to drive the drill bit and realize the drilling of the steel structure. Some magnetic drill such as magnetic drilling tapping, tapping, reaming, reaming hole functions. The magnetic drill is divided into two parts. The first part is the adsorption of steel structure, magnetic drill base part after being electrified, the change of magnetic field produced by current, firmly adsorbed on the steel structure, to ensure the magnetic drill does not move; the second part is the drilling part, mainly through the high-speed operation of the steel structure or drill drilling tapping reaming.

[working principle of magnetic drill]

The working principle of magnetic drill power, a magnetic field generated changes in the electric field under magnetic drill, adsorption steel structure, have the function of fixing; another part is energized to tell operation, steel structure drilling, the magnetic force is strong, magnetic drill body at work can be more stable when drilling its swing magnetic drill determined by the precision of the magnetic drill hole is higher so manufacturers in particular, all over the world. But the quality of the product is particularly different, because the main effect of magnetic drill is demanding precision. The magnetic drill is a kind of movable high efficiency tool, which uses electromagnetic principle to drill the drill frame and the swing drilling mechanism on the surface of the iron and steel through the magnetic base

[magnetic drill application]

1, magnetic drill is in drilling, the surface of the steel structure is more open, for the rivet reserved space, etc. after installation of rivets, rivet surface and steel structure surface in a plane.

2, the other is use magnetic drill tapping, countersinking reaming and tapping, or. Of course, this tapping function is not all magnetic drill has, like FEIN magnetic drill, KBM series is multi-purpose.

[types of magnetic drill bit]

1 、 horizontal magnetic drill bit

As the magnetic drill to adapt to field and high-altitude operations, need to be easy to carry, the most important features are light, so the horizontal magnetic drilling customers do not use much.

2 、 vertical magnetic drill bit

The majority of customers to buy the most or the vertical magnetic drill, or magnetic drill, iron steel drill, drill, etc., the vertical magnetic drill in general are ten kilograms, some magnetic drill to twenty pounds, with a handle, the user can only hold the hand, bring into the wild or high-altitude operations, very convenient. This is the reason it is called – portable magnetic drill this is the inevitable direction of the development of magnetic drill. Because the horizontal magnetic drill is used very little, so generally speaking, the magnetic drill refers to the vertical magnetic drill, that is to say, vertical magnetic drill is called magnetic drill for short.

Summary: about magnetic drill bit related information, we introduced here, and if you need more information, please continue to pay attention to the family Grid Information platform.

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