“Wolf 2” box office 7 days over the “Westward Journey” among the demon volts top 3 years

2 “the wolf continues to refresh the record box office soaring”. In August 2nd, less than 7 days’ worth of paintings accumulated, and the total gold payment has exceeded 1 billion 660 million. It officially surpassed the “hidden articles” on the West during the Spring Festival, and was among the top three in the box office in 2017.

From the evening of July 27th 8:00 visit the mainland cinemas, 4 hours to 2 billions of dollars at the box office, “wolf” has created a 20 hour break two hundred million, 50 hours to break 600 million, 85 hours over 1 billion of the outstanding record. Soon, the outside world will on the “wolf 2” is expected to “remember” to catch demon and the height of the mainland film box office overlord “Mermaid” attack.

From the current data feedback, this is very possible. In the first week of the 4 day results do horizontal comparison, “” 966 million catch demon “Mermaid” and the 4 day record 1 billion 20 million “and 2” wolf (the first weekend of nearly 980 million) matched. In the next period of time, “wolf 2” also will not suffer from the same type of release film impact, long-term performance is worth watching. It has been predicted that the film will eventually surpass 3 billion 300 million of the mermaid.

In 2017 among the top three box office at the same time, “wolf 2” in the film history mainland also ranked list has risen to seventh. Today, the film is expected to go even further than another spring festival release, “Kung Fu yoga.”. Then, the film in 2017 the movie release, box office will only in the “8” speed and passion, and at the same time as the film history mainland Chinese film box office total third.

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