“Wolf 2” 7 days 1 billion 800 million base circle of Beijing civilization value soared down 4 billion

The movie “wolf 2”

“Wolf 2” will break the “Mermaid” the highest grossing domestic?

Not only the film industry, but also the capital market. Following the Beijing culture (19.110, 0.96, 5.29%), light media (9.080, 0.04, 0.44%), August 2nd, Chinese film (18, 0.04, 0.22%), Jebsen shares (9.920, 0.27, 2.80%) also high-profile voice, stressed that he voted “wolf 2” identity. After all, the next door Beijing culture “ too inspirational ” and only nearly 5 trading days, the share price rose more than 40%, the market value of more than 4 billion yuan!

The “wolf 2” 7 days at the box office has exceeded 1 billion 800 million yuan, equivalent to the domestic box office first “Mermaid” was released 7 days ago at the box office 1 billion 800 million yuan.

“Wolf 2” like a timely rain, especially for the film and television company A shares.

For a long time, the movie explosion has driven the movie’s stock price up. Even last year’s Spring Festival file set 3 billion 300 million box office records, so that the surge in the performance of the light media “Mermaid”, the company’s share price boost, or less than 10%.

Go back, “Youth” had pushed the media light rose up to 32.39%, “Thailand” embarrassed because of the success of the cumulative increase of light media shares of up to 70.17%. Although the movie box office film can be regarded as the company’s main business performance, but actually calculate, monolithic “ making the rich ” examples of really few.

No wonder, even in the first half of the box office results led by the light media, the boss Wang Changtian also can not help but live in the personal micro-blog launched “ complain ”:

Since July 27th, “wolf 2” release, the last 5 trading days, the maximum security at the end of the film — — Beijing culture shares rose more than 40%, the market value of the company suddenly crossed the billion scale, 5 trading days rose 4 billion yuan.

In contrast, other different degrees in the light media, Jebsen shares, Chinese film recent share price rise far inferior to the culture of Beijing, it is not hard to understand why the recent two days light media, Jebsen shares, Chinese film should actively promote their voted “wolf 2” identity.

Beijing culture: the biggest winner

“Wolf 2” behind the product and issued a total of 21, including the Beijing culture, light media, Wanda Cinema (52.040, 0, 0%), and Jebsen shares A shares of the company etc.. But Beijing’s culture is undoubtedly the biggest winner.

In a culture of Beijing released earlier this year on the list of movies (“finished”, “generation”, “2” goblin wolf, “Antarctic juelian”, “4” and “the true colour of a hero”), “2” and no wolf was highlighted.

Last August 5th, Beijing issued a culture on foreign investment and related transaction announcement, the announcement of “wolf 2” of the investment and production.

According to the announcement, Beijing culture as the “wolf 2” to provide 800 million yuan at the end of the film at the box office, the film grossed less than 800 million yuan, the issuer is divided into the proportion of the total 12% box office (Beijing 6.6%); the film grossed 800 million yuan to 1 billion 500 million yuan between, issued at the box office sharing ratio. 25% (Beijing culture 13.75%); in the film grossed 1 billion 500 million yuan more than the part of the issuer, the box office is divided into the proportion is 15% (Beijing culture 8.25%).

Judging from the box office results, Beijing culture released 4 days, the successful completion of the base. And released 4 days, box office revenue has exceeded the company’s most recent fiscal year audited revenues of 50%. Previously, the Beijing culture has disclosed 2017 semi annual results notice, the company’s first half profit of about 37 million to 40 million yuan.

According to the results of analysis, if the “wolf 2” box office 2 billion yuan, Beijing culture can earn 56 million 720 thousand to 3 billion yuan, if available, 89 million of the profits reached 3 billion 200 million at the box office can be a net profit of 100 million yuan.

At present, the industry is optimistic about the film’s box office prospects.

As of 21 PM Beijing time: “wolf 2” box office way ahead, the cumulative box office of over 1 billion 800 million yuan, the market accounted for 88% of the box office.

From today’s film arrangement, the film has accounted for more than 59%, creating the highest rate of domestic film record. In addition to “wolf 2” in recent years, domestic films only three film row piece more than 50%. “Embarrassed” Thailand released eighth days to create the highest ranked 55.5%; “embarrassed” port of the first day of release schedule has bagged 59.1%; “dragon tactic” released fifth days had reached the highest ranked piece 52.3%.

And temporarily ranked the top two domestic film box “Mermaid”, “catch the devil remember” the highest ranked film accounted for only more than 40%.

With the movie box office reputation, refresh and other topics of fermentation, “2” compared to the full potential of wolf.

Jebsen shares: Dark Horse Film

Benefit from the “2” big wolf and Jebsen shares. The company, which has been transformed into the media sector in recent years, is rarely mentioned in the sector. Therefore, the film’s success, not only contributed to the performance of the company, it is proved that the transformation of Jebsen shares success.

In fact, Jebsen shares is the dark horse of the film and television sector. The original audio and video technology to “ ” companies started making investment last year more than 40 film and television drama, and content in the film plate after the acquisition of Part 3 force, Xiju, macro era film company’s equity. In 2016, Jebsen shares TV drama business income reached 959 million yuan, has accounted for 30% of the proportion of the company’s revenue.

Jebsen shares just on August 2nd evening announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of investment in the jetsen cultural industry group, star era film’s movie “wolf 2” have been released. According to incomplete statistics, as of August 2nd, 13, the film released in mainland China 7, the box office performance of more than 1 billion 640 million yuan, more than the company’s most recent fiscal year audited revenues of 50%.

Wanda film: suspension of “ missed ” capital feast

Wanda movies don’t seem to be very lucky compared to the lucky ones.

Wanda Media Co. Ltd. is the making of “wolf 2” Chupin one. Wanda film and television media, namely Wanda Group’s company. Earlier this month, the group A shares Wanda film Wanda media announced the proposed acquisition of 100% stake, the company is still in suspension.

The last two weeks, the media sector ushered in a long time no rise. A shares of two private film and television leading, light media, Huayi Brothers (9.240, -0.03, -0.32%) rose more than 15%. Only another private film giant Wanda film “ perfect ” missed the wave of the market.

Wanda movie &ldquo &rdquo is still on the battlefield;; reorganization, today (August 2nd) evening the Company re issued notice, due to the reorganization of assets of large workload and has not yet completed, the restructuring plan needs further consultations and improve, in August 3rd is expected to be a major asset restructuring plan, the stock continued suspension does not exceed one month.

Wanda film also disclosed at the same time as of July 3rd, that is, before the suspension of the list of ten major shareholders. Wanda investment holdings of major shareholders of 685 million shares, compared with June 26th, after its first round of holdings of 682 million shares, an increase of 3 million 316 thousand and 600 shares. In addition, compared to a quarterly data, social security fund 112 portfolio appeared in the list of ten major shareholders of circulation, holding 6 million 804 thousand shares.

A review: “wolf 2” behind the outbreak of — — character of the premium

“Wolf 2” once the fire, the fire must be caught off guard &rdquo “! With too many box office records, I went to the theater late at night and the deepest feeling was a word: “value.”! The most interesting thing that attracted me to see the film was the curiosity about the story of Wu Jing, in addition to the recognition of the quality of the film by his friends.

Compared to Kung Fu stars Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Wu Jing’s reputation is much smaller. To tell you the truth, I’ve only seen Wu Jing’s movies, but I don’t remember his name is Wu Jing. Wu Jing is a director and actor in the “wolf 2”, I think the biggest theme is “ Chinese ” the three words heavy component! From the previous TV series &rdquo, “ East Asia; now “ &rdquo, Chinese; our flag can become a safe in the flames of war in Africa pass, country is not strong, which is the wolf?

All at once, this film has expelled the humiliation and confidence that has pervaded China for many years, and it is a combination of the national self-confidence and self strengthening of the country after it is strong. In addition to political, economic and military power, a nation’s self-confidence requires the confidence of its citizens. “Wolf 2” meets the national psychological needs.

More attractive, is Wu Jing’s “wolf” and “wolf 2” pay the effort and hard work he throw the helve after the hatchet, the tireless. Wu Jing debut early, but has not red, he starred in the film, is the real thing in the play, not substitute, the real martial arts scenes, to bring the audience is certainly not the same experience. “The sea wolf fighting pirates Scene 2” at the beginning, Wu Jing said that almost killed the sea. In order to give the audience a martial arts film of the body is genuine goods at a fair price, he injured, he said that if wearing a dress, a dress is gaibang.

In order to film, Wu Jing even more of his house for collateral, reckless bet, he refused to accept the capital side of the proposal, and so on with the so-called first-line actor, refused to yield to capital. He also went to the army for two years in order to make a real war scene. When he was more than 30 years old, he went to Hongkong to do &ldquo, &rdquo, and let himself start all over again. This “ for art and art; ” character, in this utilitarian society, appears to be maverick, but also precious.

In this impetuous society, especially in the field of film and television in the world of fame and fortune, a variety of “ door ” high frequency, blind audience eyes. Then, there is one person, adhere to their own understanding and pursuit of the film, refused to coerced capital, even risking their love to do man’s life and family possessions, the movie, this is purely hobby, and the art of film paranoid pursuit of perfectionism, are we in this era of scarce resources in &rdquo “.

Scarce material resources can be compensated for by expanding supplies and rising prices, but scarce spiritual resources are indeed not bought by money. “Wolf 2” hot, the quality of the film itself is certainly not to say, but the audience about this Wu Jing legend, and reflect the need of our time spirit, a big reason is undoubtedly the film popular.

Whether you are in office, or the far corners have good character, to the point that has the personality charm, whatever you do, in fact, will enjoy the premium character! When you make movies, your box office will exceed expectations; you’ll sell more than you expect. In the capital market, investors have repeatedly stressed the quality of management. In fact, that is the management of character. Entrepreneurs who focus on industry, pursue product quality and maximize customer experience, we call “ entrepreneurship, ”. The stock of these companies, often in the capital market all the way up, in addition to the quality of the enterprise itself, the spirit of entrepreneurship premium, but also in the capital market behaved incisively and vividly.

The value of a listed company, in addition to product, technology, these hard indicators, the quality of management and character of these soft power, but also can not be ignored. A business with entrepreneurial spirit, the capital market will give an expected premium.

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