Which kind of warm is the family installed? Electric heating warm water which is good 0

Which kind of warm is the family installed? Warm water to which good? Heating is now every family will have something, then there is water heating, and electric heating, which of the two which is better? This is the question consumers will consider, in order to let you better understand some water heating and electricity heating, today’s family network Xiaobian introduced for you, water heating and electricity heating which good? Look down with the little book.

First of all, the warm water to which this problem does not have a specific answer, because each have their own advantages, also has its own shortcomings. Xiao Bian first introduce the water to warm the floor. Water warm comfortable health, to follow the “ warm enough and cool roof ” the ideal heating concept, due to the radiation intensity and temperature effects, “ &rdquo, Ming from the foot; indoor temperature distribution gradually decreasing from the bottom up, uniform temperature, indoor thermal environment, clean sanitation, avoid indoor air convection caused by dust and volatile odor. There are mainly economic energy-saving heating process of heat radiation heat transfer, the indoor temperature distribution is reasonable, not less heat loss; heat medium low temperature transportation {conveying process less heat loss; in the same comfort conditions, indoor design temperature 2 a 3 DEG C lower than the traditional convection heating indoor design temperature, can save about 15% energy consumption; heat range wide, can make full use of waste heat, hot water, solar hot water, air conditioning and water can etc.. So many people choose to warm the floor.

Secondly, introduce the electric floor heating. Electric heating for large-sized apartment, because preheating electric heating very quickly, the space is very small, it will be very efficient, because of quick preheating, so when we drive in the moment can be closed, so it is very good. Many single apartment people choose electricity to warm the floor. Electric heating heat from the feet up, accord with human body physiology principle, promote normal heating. The new supersedes the old. morenatural, far infrared wavelength inside of the body, the rising temperature of deep subcutaneous tissues, capillaries, promote blood circulation, but also to activate cells, enhance immunity. So this is also very good, a lot of people just like to warm the floor.

Electric heating warm water which is better? The above points is the Qijia network Xiaobian summary, I believe everyone will have a certain understanding, as to how to choose, or according to the actual needs of the owners.

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