Which hydraulic spanner is good? How to choose hydraulic wrench 0?

Which hydraulic spanner is good? Hydraulic wrench full name hydraulic torque wrench, usually by hydraulic torque wrench body, hydraulic torque wrench special pump station, and double high-pressure hose and high strength heavy sleeve. Hydraulic wrenches are several times higher in quality than ordinary wrenches and have higher purity. Recently, someone asked the hydraulic wrench for Xiao Bian. Which one is good? Now let’s introduce Walton’s hydraulic wrench.

First, Walton hydraulic wrench brand is good. Anshan Walton machinery company products have been exported to Germany, Italy, the United States, Russia and other countries, the number of global users reached 10000. But in 2013 the production of super light wind power special hydraulic spanner is successfully applied in China’s Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and other places of the wind power installation and maintenance industry, and become the Vestas wind power industry Vestas international brand with one of the service providers. It is also the leading brand of hydraulic wrench brand in our country.

Second, Walton hydraulic wrench quality is good. Walton hydraulic wrench adopts high-tech aerospace materials and ultra high strength alloy steel unibody, strengthen the body strength and toughness by precision ratchet, accuracy up to ± 3%, light weight, small volume, using aluminum alloy, thereby greatly reducing the weight of hydraulic wrench. Not only that, it is also full range, diverse styles. Because of its superior quality, the service life is exceptionally long.

Third, Walton hydraulic wrench, high technology content. And a number of well-known domestic engineering colleges and universities, long-term industry experts hired to do technical consultants. In China, the successful development of the first generation of new hydraulic wrenches has been highly recognized by users as well as industry circles. The company is using high-end CNC machining centers of Japan’s military industry, all of which are international import brands. The precision is beyond the international standard, and the production line is also complete.

Hydraulic wrench which good? I believe we through the above Xiaobian for everyone’s introduction. Everyone knows something. We hope to help. And when we choose hydraulic wrench, we should choose according to our own situation and preferences. If you want more information, please log in to consult with experts.

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