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With the improvement of people’s living standard, household appliances and furniture are becoming more and more specialized and scientific and technological. Air conditioning is one of the essential household appliances in modern families. Air conditioner means the process of regulating and controlling the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, speed and other parameters of the environment and air in buildings \/ structures by hand. Generally includes cold \/ heat source equipment, hot and cold medium transmission and distribution systems, end devices and other major parts and other auxiliary equipment. It mainly includes water pump, fan and pipeline system. The terminal unit is responsible for using the cold heat from the transmission to process the air in order to meet the requirements of the target environment. Well, do you know which brand of air conditioning is good? Now let me recommend some good air conditioning brands for you. Hope to help you further understand the air conditioner which brand is good?.

Which brand of air conditioner is good, GREE GREE?

Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd founded in 1991, is currently the world’s largest R & D, production, sales and service in one of the specialized enterprises A Well-Known Trademark in China, air conditioning, air conditioning industry iconic brand. China’s air conditioning industry is also the only “ world famous brand ” products, business in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

GREE air conditioning is the world’s first sales brand, mature technology, quality is also quite stable, after-sales service is also very good, many vendors in the sales season is basically no goods. GREE air conditioner is air conditioning from the familiar words, specialize in GREE, in the refrigeration technology is really very good. GREE, founded in 1991 in Zhuhai, GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd is the world’s largest set of R & D, production, sales and service of specialized air-conditioning enterprises.

Which brand of air conditioner is good two, beautiful MIDEA?

Midea Group founded in 1968, is a household electrical appliance industry, involved in real estate, logistics and other areas of large-scale comprehensive modern enterprise group, is China’s largest white goods production base and export base. Owns China’s largest and most complete air-conditioning industry chain and microwave oven industry chain, has China’s largest and most complete small household electrical appliance products and kitchen appliances products group.

Buy frequency beauty. Now in our country to master the most advanced inverter technology is beautiful, and the quality of the air conditioner itself is very high quality. Therefore, you have the intention to buy inverter air conditioner should be more inclined to the United States brand. Inverter air conditioner Noise beauty is low, long service life, wide voltage startup (protection of household appliances, power saving, comfortable temperature), and the United States of inverter air conditioner is used in international brands imported compressor, its performance is more stable, higher efficiency and longer service life. Midea owns China’s largest and most complete air conditioning industry chain and microwave oven industry chain, and has the largest and most complete small household electrical appliance products cluster and kitchen appliance product group in china.

Which brand of air conditioner is good? Three, Haier HAIER

Haier group is the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of white goods and the most valuable brand in china. Its products of refrigerators, air conditioning, washing machine, water heater, TV, computer, mobile phone, Home Furnishing integration of the 18 products were rated as Chinese brands, including Haier refrigerator, washing machine has also been named the first Chinese world famous national quality inspection administration.

Haier air conditioning is good, service first-class, and to protect the quality of the machine. Fast refrigeration, high thermal efficiency, can take into account the appearance, cost, frequency conversion, Haier is started without fluorine refrigeration, and China is the first world famous brand, the world’s top 500 enterprises, with manufacturing in the world. R & D base including Africa have Haier R & D base, Chinese first fluorine free inverter air conditioner is Haier manufacturing, and made Haier’s own compressor, at the beginning of manufacturing the air conditioner and MITSUBISHI, Matsushita, and Brazil Don Bula C, compressor are the best in the world, but the price is the highest. Haier customer service service All the world knows. first, Losangeles Airport in the United States played our service to Haier. Haier air conditioner is a famous brand of Haier brand. Haier group is the fourth largest manufacturer of white goods in the world and the most valuable brand in china.

Which brand of air conditioner is good? Four, AUX AUX

Ningbo AUX Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., under the AUX Group Co., Ltd., was founded in 1986. Is a company dedicated to intelligent electrical equipment, household appliances, mobile intelligent terminals and other modern manufacturing industry, real estate, health, investment and other modern service industry, the comprehensive development of the enterprise, for many years as “ Chinese enterprise 500 strong ”.

The national model for air conditioning is marked with the mandatory standards and models inside with cooling parameters, 35 is the cooling capacity of 3500 watts, which we will call the 35 machine, 2500 watt = 1, so the cooling capacity of the machine is 1.5 horse. AUX is a professional manufacturer of air conditioning, air conditioning technology now has been very mature, in fact between the brand product differences in the basic performance of small, AUX is also the sales strength of the brand, product positioning is its practical function, economic price, regardless of brand value, the only product is a very high price. Because of this, many business users because the machine is very practical and love choice of AUX, its market share is very high. Air conditioning cooling effect in addition to the machine itself, and the area of the room is closely related to the manufacturer’s recommended standard cooling capacity of 200 Watts \/ square meter, the application area of this machine is less than 17 square meters of the room, in this area, the effect can be guaranteed.

Which brand of air conditioner is good? Five, Hisense HISENSE

Hisense group is a large electronic information industry group company, founded in 1969, is the only one owns Hisense, Kelon and Ronshen three well-known trademarks of China’s enterprise groups. Hisense TV, Hisense air conditioners and Hisense refrigerators have all been rated as national inspection free products, and Hisense TV has won the first national export exemption qualification.

The energy efficiency ratio of air conditioning has reached the latest national standard, and it is energy efficient. KELON is an old brand, the price is not high, you said this is the type of fixed speed air conditioning air conditioning, there should be time for two years, Kelon belongs to mature low-end series, household air-conditioning technology is mature, not what technical content. Hisense with a strong R & D strength, with excellent international management team to support the industry to speed up the pace of expansion, the formation of multimedia, home appliances, communications, intelligent IT system, modern service industry forum and Home Furnishing. Among the top 100 enterprises of electronic information in china.

Which brand is good for air conditioner six, Panasonic PANASONIC?

Panasonic (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, mainly responsible for the sale of household appliances, systems, environment, components, medical equipment and other products and after-sales service activities. In 2012, Panasonic (China) Co., Ltd. absorbed and merged Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd., and further expanded its scope of business.

Air conditioning is always seven quality, three installation, upstairs said 7 installation, can also, is that the installation is a very important problem, Matsushita air conditioning products before mass production by the technology department to submit proposals, get air conditioning manufacturer approval, and submitted to the examination and approval of Panasonic company in China, and then by Japan’s Matsushita air conditioning to through the audit, in order to mass production! At least after the 35 test, to be officially listed! As long as the installation in place, it is difficult to fault the problem, of course, the customer service outlets are less common, joint venture brands, but better than air conditioning than buy what advertising is blown out, even the compressor can production, how to master the core technology of air conditioning has become a brand of air conditioning? Has a wide range of visibility and reputation in the design.

Which brand of air conditioner is good? Seven, MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI

MITSUBISHI motor belongs to the MITSUBISHI zaibatsu subsidiary, was established in 1921, is a mechanical and electrical equipment, industrial semiconductor manufacturers world famous, the world’s first wall mounted air conditioning is the birth of MITSUBISHI, so it has very high evaluation, in the industry of outstanding quality, perennial ranked 500 in the world top.

Small Japan compressor technology is more advanced, power saving, high energy efficiency, fast cooling, in addition to MITSUBISHI, there are Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu, these brands of high-end machine compressors are good. MITSUBISHI’s main motor is good, durable and fast cooling. The machines in Japan are more advanced than those in our mainland. Many models are not available in the country. The world’s first wall mounted air conditioning is the birth of MITSUBISHI, so it has very high evaluation, excellent quality in the industry, but not the MITSUBISHI air conditioning domestic production best, high-end air-conditioning in general are sold to Europe and domestic use, relatively backward only exports to Asia and the developing countries.

Which brand of air conditioner is good? Eight, Galanz GALANZ

Galanz group was founded in September 1978, is located in a “ a hundred years, the world brand ” the household electrical appliance enterprises in Guangdong, Shunde, Zhongshan has two manufacturing bases, a total area of 3 million square meters, R & D and production of microwave ovens, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, electric cooker, induction cooker, electric oven, electric kettle and other appliances.

Which brand of air conditioner is good? Nine, Chunlan CHUNLAN

Chunlan is a large, modern, high-tech and international company integrating manufacturing, scientific research, investment and trade. It is one of the largest enterprise groups in china. Products include air conditioners, washing machines, dehumidifiers, medium and heavy trucks, motorcycles, electric bicycles, high-energy power nickel hydrogen batteries, motorcycle engines, air conditioning compressors, etc..

Which brand is good for air conditioner ten, CHIGO CHIGO?

Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioning Limited by Share Ltd founded in 1993, the headquarters is located in the South China Sea area of Pearl River Delta industrial city of Foshan City, is a production, household and commercial air-conditioning sales oriented large-scale modernized enterprise group. Marketing network in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, is currently China’s largest private air-conditioning production base and one of the export earning enterprises.

Chigo Air conditioning has 18 years of professional manufacturing experience, performance in export terms is very good, especially with complete industrial chain, which in the industry are few, personally optimistic about the home, installed six or seven sets of CHIGO are good. Gao used air conditioning has a window type, wall hung, cabinet type 3 categories, varieties and specifications of the powerful lineup; central air conditioning with CMV intelligent inverter multi household central air conditioning, CMD intelligent multiple central air conditioning, air cooling module units, screw type water cooled chiller, water source heat pump unit, ground source heat pump and air source heat pump water heater, smallpox machine, wind machine, seat crane, wind machine, refrigerator etc. more than ten series of water-cooled guiji. At the same time, also has mobile air conditioning, dehumidifier, preservation freezer and induction cooker, multi-function electric pressure cooker, electric kettle, soybean milk machine and other household electrical appliances.

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