What’s the glass glue? How do I wash it? 0

Glass glue is used for the bonding of glass and other materials. Glass adhesive is the most frequently used auxiliary material in the process of home improvement. Its main component is silicone, and the amount of other additives is very little, but for example, acid gum, acetic acid and so on, they are different. Next, let’s introduce what is glass glue and glass glue how to wash.

What is glass glue?

Glass adhesive is a commonly used adhesive, mainly composed of sodium silicate and acetic acid, and organic silicone. Comparison of sodium silicate melt in water, viscous, also known as the south north water glass, also known as paohuajian.

How do I wash the glass glue?

1, if the glass glue is not cured, can be directly cleaned with water can easily clean, so there is no curing glass gel cleaning is very simple.

2, if it has been cured, you can use toluene or banana water cleaning, you can also use a knife to scrape off. And if attached to the service, you can consider the use of brush brush at.

Glass adhesive matters needing attention

1, glass glue is the most likely mildew, and even if the use of waterproof glass glue, it can not completely avoid such problems, and if long-term flooding place, it is best not to construction.

2. Glass glue is an organic substance, so glass glue can not be constructed with other organic substances.

3, the general glass glue should be in the air moisture place to cure, except for special circumstances, so in the construction of relatively dry place, then the general glass glue is unable to use.

4, in the need to glue glass adhesive surface must be clean, do not have other sundry, otherwise, glass glue after curing will appear bonding, not firm or fall off and so on.

5, glass glue in curing will emit a pungent smell, so in construction time must open the door and window, prevent harmful gas inhalation, and so on completely cured gas emit out to stay.

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