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With the diversification of the sill stone, currently available window can be divided into artificial stone and natural stone, the window is the main function of the beauty and decorative stone, which due to its outstanding waterproof and decorative function and has become the primary choice of window decoration materials. Well, then, we introduce the small window for what stone and window sill stone selection.

What stone is good for window sill?

I. natural stone

1 granite

Granite is one of the natural stones. It has a very good decorative effect and is very convenient for cleaning. It is slightly worse in color and texture than marble. It is less decorated than marble for window sills.

2 marble

Marble in color rich and varied, a strong sense of luster, so decorative effect is also very beautiful, in daily maintenance is also more convenient.

Two, artificial stone

Artificial stone is formed by artificial stone processing, a common artificial solid material, artificial stone, quartz stone and artificial stone stone, artificial stone because of the different types of different components, so each kind of artificial stone is the same but not the same.

Window sill stone selection

1, the selected purchase methods

Now buy sill stone in two ways: one is the choice of business door-to-door service; the other is to go to the stone market selection processing, and then shipped back to their own or ask people to install.

2, ask questions clearly

In the purchase of sill stone, we must ask the price, the province after the completion of the installation of price bickering.

3, cut samples to ensure accuracy

In the cut stone, best can write the correct size paper window, then take the model to the processing plant for processing, this angle to mosaic window is very important, if the sample do accurate, spell out the seam is very small window.

4, quality testing: look at the surface and testing lines

In the choice of sill stone, we should pay attention to check the quality, after processing, you can see the stone surface effect, see whether the pattern is beautiful, smooth, and whether or not chromatic aberration. Can not see the lines of stone, general hardness can be, but there are exceptions. If there are lines, the lines are fine and sparse, and the strength is better.

5, quality testing: water splashing experiment

In the purchase of stone, you can splash on the water, so that you can see the true color, you can also use your hands to feel whether it is smooth, especially in the bathroom tops, it is best to light some, smooth and some. The big stone due to the location of the lighting installation of windows is better, can use some of the deep color, but the color is consistent with the best window in taiwan.

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