What material does stove mesa have with marble hearth 0?

Everyone wants their own Home Furnishing environment not only beautiful, but also a certain degree of applicability, the only way Home Furnishing to create a family environment to a comfortable living environment, it is the hearth, see every day in the kitchen, the most use of course it is, your home in the kitchen stove what do? What do you think of marble benches? Now let’s take a look at marble floor prices.

What material does the countertop have?

1, natural stone countertops: including granite, marble. Advantages: natural stone density is relatively large, hard texture, anti scratch performance is outstanding, good wear resistance, and the texture is very beautiful, the cost is relatively low, the most common types of price of only a few hundred dollars a meter, which belongs to a mesa material economy.

2, stainless steel table: usually in the high density fire board surface with a thin stainless steel plate. Advantages: strong, easy to clean, practical strong. In recent years, due to the strong impact of &ldquo, European and American Integration &rdquo, new concept of modern cabinets, stainless steel countertops have also made corresponding improvements in accordance with the development trend of the combination of beautiful and practical cabinets. For the emphasis on practical “ ” considering consumers like metallic or consumers to buy stainless steel table is worth considering. Disadvantages: there is no reasonable and effective treatment method for each corner position and joint part of the cabinet table top. Environmental protection analysis of stainless steel countertops, long-term exposure to salt may rust, so should always pay attention to avoid the soy sauce bottles and other items directly on the table.

3, refractory board table: commonly known as fire board surface. The base material of the utility model is a density board, and the surface layer is fireproof material and decorative veneer. Advantages: bright color, wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, better performance. Affordable, generally 300 yuan to 600 yuan per meter. Disadvantages: lack of effective means of handling in the junction of the corner table, usually with silicone adhesive, plastic and special metal insert to increase the appearance. Environmental protection analytical table is easy to be eroded by water and humidity. If used improperly, it will lead to degumming, deformation and expansion of base material.

4, artificial stone countertops: using natural mineral powder + Color + acrylic resin, with high temperature and high pressure treatment from the plate, uniform texture, pores. Advantages: artificial stone is more wear-resistant, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, compressive and flexural, anti permeability and other functions are also very strong; seamless bonding can be any length, with adhesive material grinding, two pieces of adhesive joints without trace all blend into one harmonious whole. Disadvantages: higher prices. Environmental protection analysis, because of its different processing technology, quality is also different, so in the choice must choose good reputation, service guarantee brand.

Marble floor price

First of all, kitchen marble countertops marble is generally man-made stone, after all, now the natural marble rarely, and prices will be relatively expensive, the price of 500 yuan per square meter or so.

Artificial stone board, composite acrylic, artificial stone, quartzite plate 600 yuan

Fujian standard stone, natural marble countertops, luxury kitchen renovation 350 yuan

Artificial marble, kitchen countertops, man-made stone countertops, white mesa 380 yuan

Artificial marble, quartz export table, kitchen countertops, dinner windowsill 320 yuan

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