What kind of stone products, stone how to care for 0?

The quality of the stone will affect the overall effect of the decoration, so the stone should be carefully selected. First of all, the surface of stone to fine uniform structure, with delicate texture; then when buying can beat the stone to listen to the sound, good quality stone, if the sound is crisp, hoarse voice that the quality is not good; the last is to look at whether the dealer has stone radioactive certificate. Next, we introduce what kinds of stone and how to care for stone.

What kind of stone?

1 marble: with acid and alkali resistance, poor weathering resistance, easy to absorb water and other liquids, easy to scratch. The best protection for polished marble is that it is pre – protected with permeable, water-resistant, oil – resistant protective agents before marble is put into use.

2. Limestone: easy to absorb oil, easy to scratch, corrosion, more pollution than marble, many limestone with porous and water absorption. It can be cleaned regularly with daily neutral detergent.

3: Granite: dark color, and the surface of the pores, there is a strong water absorbent, free from pollution, with permeability protective agent for pre treatment, daily use of neutral or weak acid cleaning agent cleaning.

4, artificial stone: mainly used for countertops or ground and other places

How to care for stones?

1, stone wall water seepage: water can be cleaned, do not use any cleaning agent.

2, prevention of water spots: before construction, you can use multi-functional protective agent or special stone protective agent.

3, white china treatment: stone surface is best to do protection treatment, or strengthen the waterproof function of caulking.

4, rust: with strong cleaning agent, this is a very good way to remove rust and will not damage the stone. It is better to do protection before installation.

5, a cleaning agent: the choice of profession, so it can be good for removing stain

6, wear treatment: to regularly stone surface maintenance, wear the place to deal with clear

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