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For many friends, the purchase of furniture, solid wood furniture is a better choice. But there are many kinds of solid wood furniture, which kind of solid wood furniture is good? Choose the right furniture materials is very important, it is necessary to understand the types of wood furniture, and at the same time in the purchase of solid wood furniture, we should pay special attention to what kind of thing? Let’s make a brief introduction to everyone below.

What kind of solid wood furniture is good?

You know what kind of wood furniture? First to understand what is the real wood furniture, and what are the raw material of wood species? According to analysts, strictly speaking, solid wood furniture is all materials are not natural materials processed again, do not use any man-made board furniture. In fact, the market of solid wood furniture, but also refers to artificial wood and pure wood mixed use of imitation solid wood furniture. According to analysts, ordinary solid wood furniture is usually used ash, beech, white oak, elm, Catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak, pine, and expensive mahogany furniture mainly uses the wings of wood, rosewood, rosewood, and oak wood is hard, not easy to deformation, but also is a good raw material.

Beech: wood grain is very beautiful, hard wood, high density, and little defects, basically no such knots. Even beech furniture manufacturers generally do not paint, but the surface polished with transparent tung oil treatment, to maintain its original wood color and grain.

Pine: it has a pleasant smell of pine, but it’s soft. It’s cheaper in solid wood furniture. The quality of Finland pine texture appearance, simple, elegant clean furniture is very suitable for the children.

Cherry: preferably with Burma cherry. Uniform color, texture more straight, fine and uniform structure. Is a relatively grade of furniture, but there is a big drawback is that wood color is too deep, red, generally have to do Chinese furniture, not so popular, modern. But this furniture is very valuable and works very well.

Camphor wood: strong fragrance, which contains camphor, volatile oil, back some domestic wardrobe with camphor wood, anti mosquito effect good, but some people can’t stand the taste. White oak: this wood is often used in European style furniture. Oak origin a lot, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, South Korea is a bit poor, the best, good wood is always produced in cold places, tropical timber grows faster, the material is not so good.

Yellow pear, rosewood: here refers to the state of Hainan, Huanghua pear and India rosewood. These two types of timber have been basically out of print, this kind of annatto furniture prices generally between hundreds of thousands, tens of millions of. Black acerbity branch: this also is the annatto furniture that can be handed down for generations, value added proof.

Rosewood: China radical sense of " the old mahogany " are made in Southeast Asia such as rosewood.

Southeast Asian rosewood, chicken wing wood: Southeast Asian rosewood, its quality and price are better than South America and Africa ordinary acid sticks.

Rosewood of South America and Africa: South America and African rosewood furniture are durable, but not of collection value.

Birch: its rings are slightly obvious, the texture is straight and obvious, the material structure is exquisite and soft and smooth, and the texture is soft or moderate. Birch is elastic and easy to crack, warp and wear when it is dry. According to analysts, the birch is a mid-range wood, solid wood and wood veneer are common.

Fir: the material soft, easy drying, small shrinkage, Alice crack, good durability, easy processing, surface coarse, strong and easily split strength, good bonding properties, according to analysts, the southern provinces of furniture, decoration of the most widely used class of wood.

Ash: the prime slightly hard, straight texture, structure, beautiful patterns, rough corrosion resistance, good water resistance, easy processing but not easy to dry, toughness, adhesive, paint color, good performance, according to analysts, good decorative performance, the furniture, interior decoration used wood.

Walnut: its shiny wood texture, straight or oblique, slightly rough structure, slow drying, but not wood is easy to warp, good toughness, easy processing, smooth cutting surface. Bending, painting, bonding performance, nail strength.

Buy solid wood furniture

The above Xiaobian introduce the common wood furniture wood has what, but we know in addition to some wood related knowledge, but also need to know some skills to buy solid wood furniture. Only in this way can we prevent undesirable merchants from playing the game? Here to introduce some of the wood has purchase recognition tips, help you choose to loan real price is the furniture.

在Buy solid wood furniture时,首先应注意观察家具面板上是否有清晰的木纹,有的话,再看该位置的背面,是否有同样的花纹,如果也有就大概可以认定为纯实木的。还有一个方法是看节疤,在板面出现疤痕的地方,如果木板正反两面都有同样的疤痕,则可确认为纯实木家具。

Buy solid wood furniture should also pay attention to check the wood, wooden drawer is dry, white, texture is close, delicate, is a pungent odor; wood surface processing technology is fine, the panel is smooth, the existence of burr, whether there is a crack or bubble brushing paint. Solid wood furniture, wood is not good, is chestnut skin red ones, colors and styles will appear some old-fashioned.

以上关于What kind of solid wood furniture is good?以及Buy solid wood furniture技巧就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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