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Cabinets are one of the most important furniture in our lives, and many people like to cook delicious food for their families in the kitchen. Well, to have a good cooking mood, you have to have good cabinets. Kitchen decoration is beautiful, practical, mainly by virtue of the cabinet to create. However, when building ambry, the choice of ambry door plank is very important, what material does ambry door plank use well? As the saying goes “ poor than home, the rich than the kitchen ”. The cabinet as the kitchen decoration punchline, a beautiful and practical kitchen cabinet grade has become the focus of most people to decorate the kitchen. The ambry door plank material on the market is numerous, make a person dazzling. Next, please go with me to see what the door panels are made of.

Cabinet door material selection notes

Ambry door plank material has a lot of, when we choose, besides want to see exterior modelling, still want to see its environmental protection performance, moistureproof property, and with the style of finished product ambry, modelling is adjusted! We now take a look at the cabinet door material selection notes!

1, environmental protection

Is the material environmentally friendly?. For example: solid wood particle board is made of new logs directly, and it is environmentally friendly.

Whether the environmental protection adhesive edge. Some boards use adhesive containing harmful substances, will emit a pungent smell.

2, moisture resistance

The board itself has moisture proof function. In the process of making the panel, moisture proof agent is added to the log particles, so that the board has moisture resistance.

Is the Kanban edge banding process perfect?. Sealing process to do a good job in order to prevent moisture into the plate itself, so as to achieve moisture effect.

3, other points of attention

The door panel presents the overall effect of the cabinet, which determines the beauty and style of the kitchen. The types and styles of door panels are various, and the design and purchase mainly depend on home style and independent DIY.

In the selection of door panels, should be in their own home style, personal preferences and door panels material usefulness comprehensive judgment.

What are the door panels?

What kind of material does ambry door plank use a good: lacquer door plank

Paint door is the most widely used door panels, paint board substrate for the density board, the surface through the six spray baking entrance paint (three, two sides, a light) high temperature baked. At present, &ldquo for the cabinet; paint ” only describes a process, that is, after painting, through the drying room heating drying paint processing substrate door panels. According to its surface paint, paint is divided into ordinary paint, piano baking, steel, baking paint, etc.. Ordinary paint surface brightness and intensity than the piano paint, piano paint is not comparable to the steel paint. Baking varnish is characterized by bright and bright, easy to shape, with a strong visual impact, very beautiful, fashionable and waterproof excellent performance, dirt resistance ability, easy to clean up. Because the computer is paint, so choose the range of colors is not restricted, that is to say, you can choose you see any one or more color as your door color. The disadvantage is that requires a high level of technology, high rejection rate, so the price is high; when in use to carefully asylum, afraid bump and scratches, but again the damage is hard to repair, to replace the whole kitchen fume; more easily thrown color. Relatively suitable for the appearance and quality requirements are relatively high, the pursuit of fashion young high-end consumers. However, some of the illegal manufacturers on the market are using natural paint to dry paint instead of painting. You must pay attention to it. The difference is, because the paint is paint in the room temperature baking, so the surface hardness, not as weak as dry, and good flatness, no paint flow traces, and dry the door easily discoloration, door edges often thrown through color phenomenon.

What is the material of ambry door plank two: fire prevention board

Fireproof door plank base material is chipboard, moistureproof board or density board, the surface is decorated with fireproof board. (fireproof board is made of siliceous material or calcium material as main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber material, lightweight aggregate, adhesive and chemical additive, and made of decoration plate by autoclaved technology. It is a new type of material which is more and more used, not only because of fireproofing. The construction of the fireproof board is more demanding for sticking glue, and the fireproof board with better quality is more expensive than the decorative panel. The thickness of fireproof board is 0.8mm, 1mm and 1.2mm commonly, it is used as the veneer of ambry door board commonly. ) fire door is the door most used material, the color is bright, edge forms with wear, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, easy cleaning, exudation, moisture-proof, non fading, delicate touch, affordable advantages such as anti permeability, lower prices of domestic fire doors, South Korea and Germany sheet plate the cost will have to increase by 25% and 50%. Fire door panels raised the overall wind, in accordance with cabinet “ beautiful, practical, ” a combination of development trends, and therefore in the market forever. The disadvantage is that the door panel is flat, and can not create three-dimensional effects such as bump, metal, etc., and the fashion sense is slightly worse. It is more suitable for the appearance requirements of the cabinet, and pays attention to the middle and low decoration of practical functions. In the fireproof door panel series, the West board (thickness 18mm), double sided fireproof door panel is the most representative. It uses Germany board on the substrate after the veneer Edge made of other materials; as the irreplaceable advantages, there are hundreds of colors, can be arbitrary collocation, according to the size of the kitchen door structure, is not restricted. It is worth noting that the quality directly affects the quality of edge edge and door panel, Germany REHAU, Germany is willing to all the world famous brands, are original material production, can be recycled, and has a good texture, smooth fillet characteristics; domestic edge is generally recycled material production, edge after sometimes thrown degumming phenomenon.

What kind of material does ambry door plank use three: solid wood model

Solid wood whole ambry applies to the ambry above 9.2m, if be open type kitchen, need 7.2m at least. Solid wood overall cabinet is more suitable for preference for pure wooden middle-aged consumers, high-grade decoration use. The production of solid wood cabinet doors, with a return to natural effect, recover the original simplicity, style is classical, the frame is solid wood, with cherry color, walnut color, mainly oak color, door core for Miduban skin, which can guarantee the special visual effect of wood, and the combination of frame and core board can ensure the door strength, and no crack, no deformation Changxin (daily maintenance still require very carefully). Usually made in the solid wood surface modeling, spray paint. As a result, the solid wood door panel keeps the log color and the shape is soft, especially some of Italy’s entrance high grade solid wood cabinets, the treatment of flower corners and the luster of the paint are all up to the advanced level in the world. At present, domestic manufacturers of solid wood cabinets technology with the international level still larger interval, domestic wood door at present because the production process is not up to, there are easily deformed and cracked, rough surface and so on, the market is even an imitation wood, is made of medium density, and paint, to buy time to pay attention to. Imported solid wood cabinets are expensive, and shape changes less, the entrance of the brand are mostly Europe and the United states.

What are the materials used for cabinet door panels four: melamine finish panel type

Melamine board is made up of melamine impregnated adhesive film, paper and man-made board. Is with a different color or texture of paper into the melamine resin adhesive soak, and then dried to a certain degree of cure, the pavement in particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hardboard surface formed by hot pressing. Melamine veneer door to Germany egger as representative. Egger, referred to as MFC, is one of Europe’s door cabinet factory mainly used. Has been widely adopted in the Chinese cabinet industry. It has the advantages of smooth surface, no deformation, brilliance, wear and corrosion resistance, and moderate price. Match the quality of the note and give it a visual effect. Domestic production of melamine veneer panels, represented by the Lushuihe board, the indicators have reached the international scale, is a good choice.

What are the materials used for cabinet door panels five: Blister door (PVC molding board)

The blister board is made of density board, and the surface is made of vacuum blister or adopts a seamless PVC film pressing forming process. Blister type door color is rich, wood grain realistic, monochromatic color, pure Yan, not cracking, no deformation, resistance to row, heat, stain resistance, anti fading, is the most mature cabinet materials, and routine maintenance simple. Blister door is a very mature and very popular kitchen cabinet material in Europe. It is divided into two categories: Matt molding plate and high gloss molding board, which can be processed into various shapes. Surface of domestic entrance, entrance entrance by South Korea, Japan and germany. The entrance of domestic difference lies in the face of thick and thin, and wear resistance. High light wood fiber is a new material to replace the real paint door, mask only Germany entrance, on the market in the most happy door, “ SKC”, (made in Guangdong) with 10 colors, the price is more expensive.

What material does ambry door plank use six: crystal door plank?

The crystal board is made of base material plus white fireproof board and acrylic. Small workshop manufacturers, used plexiglass, standard manufacturers use acrylic. Environmental protection and modeling solid. The kitchen door has enriched the design of the cabinet and has played an active role. By a people’s favorite, this door is popular in europe.

What are the materials used for cabinet door panels seven: metal door panels

Metallic door is one of Europe’s most popular new colors, bold and avant-garde personalized style and sense of the times, calm temperament bring cold smell to the troubles of the kitchen life. The structure of MDF posted by special oxidation, fine brushed polished, formed on the surface of metal plate or a metal plate dense protective layer, and the process of Germany board almost, the difference is Germany board to conduct 2 processing (fireproofing veneer), and the metallic door is a direct processing. Metal door panel has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance function, and daily maintenance simple, fine texture, easy to clean, long life. With the popularity of metal pop style, this process by grinding, chrome and other processed high-grade metal door has increasingly become the world’s new cabinet door, which finishes concave aluminum panel, is the most high-end of a door. It is the best and most advanced one on the molding board at present. Disadvantages: expensive, suitable for the pursuit of synchronized with the world’s super high-end decoration.

What are the materials used for cabinet door panels eight: double clad door panels

Wrap box type door frame material is MDF, PVC outsourcing, core board is Germany akea fire board decorative board or double panel, by the cabinet companys own reprocessing stitching; it has the advantages of rich colors, frame and double panel arbitrary collocation, fully reflect the personality style, convenient maintenance and simple, and borders with the core plate structure is not chaos, no deformation and no edge. This door panel represents the ideal choice for modern people.

What are the materials used for cabinet door panels nine: Mirror resin board

Resin plate mirror cabinets on the market now are still using more of its attributes with the paint door almost, it is fashionable, color is rich, good waterproof, but do not wear, easily scratched, and high temperature resistance is not very good, so the high requirements for color, the pursuit of fashion consumers can choose the resin board ambry, but easily scratched, so use should pay attention to maintenance.

What are the materials used for cabinet door panels ten: aluminum alloy door frames, glass door panels

Embodies a modern, popular, background role in the whole set of kitchen cabinets, inlaid glass delicate texture, long Changxin.

Cabinet door with what material Eleven: ice plate door

This is a new type of material for Australia, a layer of light PVC film with patterns from the surface of the steel plate, both luster and genuine fire is a kind of ideal door material, but not enough variety, to a certain extent restricted its development.

What material does ambry door plank use twelve: porcelain door plank?

The door is currently processing high-grade materials of porcelain paint in the kitchen door, with its smooth surface such as glass, clear as a mirror reflecting object effect, discoloration, aging, surface permanent new, high surface hardness, edge crack, normal collision free paint, not easy to scratch, no surface permeable, excellent waterproof function the function of environmental protection, national E1 grade products, stable performance, less customer service service strengths, praised by customers. Porcelain door panels are currently painted door panel products at least formaldehyde content, benzene content is basically zero. Is really called green products.

Editor’s summary: the above is what the door panels with good material, not all of the materials are suitable for your kitchen style related presentations, the key lies in the user’s personal preferences with the actual situation. For more information, please continue to focus on our website. You can also go to the Qijia shopping mall to buy more of your favorite products!

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