What is the price of LED lighting fixtures 0?

What is the price of LED lighting fixtures? With the further development of LED technology, the design of room lamps in twenty-first Century will be the mainstream of LED lighting design, and become the dominant light culture. Will also illuminate everyone’s bedroom, become one of our household necessities. Recently, a lot of people in the family planning network and Xiao Bian exchange “ LED lighting lamps, the price is how many ” below, we have invited the experts of Qijia network to analyze for us.

First of all, the LED lamp has no radiation pollution, high color and has strong luminous direction; the dimming performance is good, the temperature change will be generated when the visual error; cold light low heat, safe touch; these are the incandescent lamp and the fluorescent lamp is not up to the. The utility model not only provides comfortable lighting space, but also meets the physiological and health needs of human beings, and is a healthy light source for protecting eyesight and environment protection.

Second, most of the core patents in the upper reaches of the LED industry are in the hands of foreigners, but we still do not have the core technology at home. LED lighting costs mainly in the LED chip, as long as the chip prices down, LED lumen unit price can be reduced to the current stage of energy-saving lamps quite. The LED chip with the process, the amount of growth, the use of lighting engineering larger size wafer manufacturing process, will continue to reduce costs, so there is room for LED chip price cuts.

Third, the actual thermal design of LED is very simple, if the LED chip and the heat sink of the shorter path, you better thermal design; there is to have enough heat to the path must also have enough “ radiating road ”. This part of the cost is mainly in the structure, but the cost of heat dissipation is not much. The biggest problem now is how to be more innovative, more rational structure and design.

LED lighting lamps price is how much, I believe we have more understanding through the above answer. Different lamps have different design and materials, there will be different prices, the general market price of two hundred or three hundred floating, if you want to know more content, you can log into the family network to consult experts.

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