What is the installation specification for lamps and lanterns? What brand lamps and lanterns are good? Zero

What is the installation specification for lamps and lanterns? What brand lamps and lanterns are good? The lamp is now every family will have, so in the decoration of the house there will be many people choose what brand of lighting lamps on the market now worry, so many brands, want to choose which kind of good? What is the installation specification for lamps and lanterns? Today, the family network Xiaobian for you to introduce what brand lamps and lanterns good?

First of all, what is the installation specification of lamps and lanterns? The most basic requirement of lamp installation is that it must be firm. Indoor installation of bedside lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, mirror lamp lamp, height less than 24m and below, the metal shell lamps are connected to ensure safety. When the toilet and kitchen are equipped with a short foot lamp holder, the porcelain screw holder and the low leg lamp holder shall be adopted. Line connection, screw socket (switch line) should be in the center of contacts, the zero line is connected in screw terminals. Table lamp, such as a lamp holder with a switch, for the sake of safety, the handle should not be exposed to bare metal parts.

Secondly, PHILPS lamp has many styles and colors. Because now there are many styles of decoration, there are European, Chinese and modern minimalist style, and then different styles of decoration will have a different choice of women. This time a variety of color models is a very good choice, because everyone’s preferences will not be the same, this time we will choose not the same, so this is a lot of consumers will choose the reason PHILPS lamps.

Third, PHILPS lamps cost-effective is very high. PHILPS everyone knows is a big company, then the company is often organized activities, greater profits to consumers. That’s why many people like PHILPS lamps. And it’s free to help people budget, so that more people can save more time. So that’s pretty good. Is also the reason why we choose PHILPS.

Lighting installation specification is what? What brand lamps above is good? The Qijia network Xiaobian summary, I believe we have seen after will have a certain understanding, so everyone in the choice of the time can be a good choice, it will give you to save a lot of time. If you do not understand what you can, we can look at the family website, here are all home improvement side of knowledge, I believe we will find their own knowledge.

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