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Imitation marble paint: using natural mineral, containing ion silicone organic resin, high weather resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, with surface hardening, wear-resistant treatment. Permanent color, texture, wall no seams, with natural marble, luster and texture, fidelity can be comparable with the natural marble, suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, office hall, corridor, elevator.


1, the product environmental protection, energy saving, can replace the increasingly scarce precious stones, but also with the external wall temperature outside material for professional imitation stone decoration. Excellent anti cracking properties, a certain flexibility, so that it can effectively cover the wall of small cracks, and maintain the coating firmly and smooth. The simulation of high imitation of natural marble in the color, the vision can be deceptive, reached more than Art beats nature. natural effect.

2, the construction cycle is short, the use of professional spray gun, a molding, it can greatly save construction time and shorten the construction period. Super self-cleaning function can make the building decorative wall as long. Washable and scratch resistant. The coating has excellent abrasion resistance and cleaning resistance.

3, super weather resistance, whether in the ordinary environment, or in acid rain, corrosion and other harsh environment, coating has a strong adaptability and resistance. The service life is more than 20 years! A variety of decorative effect can be used flat sand wall coating, coating, powder paint, relief coating, and the high light, half light, Matt varnish to achieve different decorative effect.

Stone decoration effect 4, vivid: Marble coating by color particle coating granulation technology, through a spray, you can create almost the same texture and stone, artificial stone degree can reach 90%, comparable with the stone.


1, the surface is not easy to make, very smooth and smooth.

2, large area, the distribution of stone tendon is not natural, there are artificial traces.

3, the production of special-shaped surface, and the model will have a certain discrepancy.

4, surface coating of transparent light material, will produce a part of trachoma.

5, although the effect is very close to the natural stone, but the material, texture, especially hardness, and stone there is still a big difference.

Construction process of imitation marble lacquer:

1, the grass-roots treatment, plastering.

2, brushing the bottom sealing paint: before brushing the base surface moisture content should be less than 10%. Spray evenly on the base surface with a spray gun or brush with a layer of moisture proof primer. Cover it until it is completely free of penetration. In order to avoid the basic surface permeability, moisture permeability, thereby polluting and swelling of imitation stone coating, affecting the quality of construction. Moisture proof primer, dry time, about 60min.

3, sub lattice, elastic wire, stick strip: according to the requirements of the drawings lattice, shells, and in accordance with the width and width of the gap to choose the grid of adhesive tape, and sticky tape. Make sure the position is accurate and vertical.

4, spraying imitation stone paint: construction sequence: the best is from the top down to bottom, then cast the surface layer of cement mortar, and float with the curing, falling down the shelf, has been wiped in the end, the shelf rises, construction and down from the spray, brush coating, coating to ensure the same color.

5, from the grid: after the spray, in time will be sub grid out, and will be clean within the suture.

6, surface polishing: before spraying waterproof protective film, using common tools such as sandpaper, grinding out dry sand floating through the surface of the coating, the surface of the particles. She angle about 30%-50%, can increase the beauty and reduce sharp and gravel from dust accumulation, at the same time to ensure complete coverage of the waterproof protective film

7, spray cap finish: after the survival of 24h, spraying cap finish, must be completely dried after imitation stone paint. Cover the top coat with a thin and uniform coat. Spray it evenly. Do not flow. It is about 60min. When it is hardened, it is finished.

Matters needing attention

1., the base surface should be dry, moisture content below 10%, pH value shall not exceed 10.

2., spraying time and space press, wind pressure size (3-6kg\/cm2), nozzle caliber (3-8mm), and the distance from the base plane (30-40mm) is closely related to texture, please carefully debug.

3., before spraying, be sure to pay attention to weather changes, humidity or rainy days, avoid construction. The drying time of this product is about 3H (22 DEG C). The lower the temperature, the longer the film forming time is, and the construction is prohibited under 5 degrees celsius.

4., if the product inadvertently contact the eye, please immediately rinse with water or to the hospital.

5., this product is water-based base, can be handled in accordance with the general mode of transport.

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