What is skirting line, skirting line price 0?

I believe many people will hear the word baseboard when Home Furnishing decoration, then what is the skirting line? Is the price of skirting line expensive? Here’s a small series to introduce to you.

What is skirting line?

The decoration for special terms in bedroom design, the shade horn line, waist, skirt line plays a balancing role of vision, the linear feeling and material and color echoes in the room, can play a good beautifying effect. Another function of skirting line is its protective function. Baseboard, wall area as the name suggests is a kick, so more vulnerable. Baseboard can better make the wall and the ground between the solid, reduce wall deformation, to avoid external collision damage. In addition, skirting line is more easy to scrub, if the floor is splashed with dirty water, scrub is very convenient. Skirting line in addition to its own function to protect the wall, in the proportion of the proportion of home beauty also occupies a considerable proportion. It is the outline of the ground, and the view often falls naturally on it.

At present, the most commonly used skirting line of ceramic tile is divided into ceramic skirting line, glass skirting line, stone skirting line, wooden skirting line, PVC skirting line, aluminum alloy skirting line and PS high polymer skirting line.

The ceramic baseboard is divided into: glazed tiles and baseboard skirting line, if you choose the baseboard of ceramic material, generally recommended skirting line selection and brick material as appropriate, such as the choice of the antique brick, can consider the baseboard of glazed tiles, if there is a choice can consider, Bohuazhuan baseboard, wood and stone skirting line replacement is widely used in PS polymer, the flagship high-end and mid price effect.

Skirting price

产品1、高恩瓷砖 全抛釉 抛晶砖 瓷砖地线腰线踢脚线 地框线波打线波导线  Skirting price:¥11.8

产品2、楼兰瓷砖 地脚线踢脚线瓷砖  Skirting price:¥50

产品3、汀普莱斯(Dimplex)踢脚线室内加热器LC6025W  Skirting price:¥1999

产品4、康辉地板/实木原木踢脚线  Skirting price:¥39

产品5、考斯菲尔/实木踢脚线/80mm SMT093  Skirting price:¥90

产品6、万宝龙地板实木踢脚线  Skirting price:¥18

以上关于What is skirting line?以及Skirting price就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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