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Floor has broad and narrow sense, broad sense of the floor refers to a variety of ground collectively, narrow floor means through a number of tools and materials to the ground showing a good decorative effect. Well, the material is very different floor, Xiao Bian today introduced to you is the steel sand wear-resisting floor, we now look at the steel sand wear-resisting floor, how about it?.

[steel sand wear-resisting floor]

Emery wear-resisting, hardened ground, commonly known as emery wear-resisting floor. Since its appearance in 70s of last century, it has been rapidly popularized in Europe and America, and has become a perfect substitute for terrazzo flooring. At the end of the 80s, wear-resisting flooring was the first choice of developed countries.

Mineral alloy aggregate (corundum) ground hardening agent is composed of mineral alloy aggregate of certain particle size, special cement, other admixture and admixture. It can be used in opening bag. The concrete surface is uniformly distributed on the surface of the concrete at the initial setting stage, and is processed by special means so as to form a whole with the concrete surface, and has high density and colored high performance wear-resisting ground.

[characteristics of steel sand wear-resisting floor]

Increase the abrasion resistance and impact resistance of the concrete floor. Greatly improve the density of concrete, so as to reduce dust, increase the ground anti oil, forming a high density, easy to clean, impermeability of the ground. With concrete ground construction, construction period is short. Good durability, reducing the cost of periodic coating or thickening of the surface. It has hardened ground metal dust less apparent as a glittering starry night, impact resistance is better, but there is a certain effect of anti electrostatic.

[steel sand abrasion resistant floor]

Used to impact resistance and reduce concrete floor dust such as warehouse, wharf, buildings, parking lot, maintenance shop, garage, warehouse style shopping malls, wharf and the need to improve the unified colour health work environment and beautiful place without corrosive medium.

[steel sand wear-resisting floor performance characteristic]

Evenly in the initial setting of the concrete surface of the whole stage, after curing of concrete to form a compact overall, super hardened surface layer, high performance wear surface compressive strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and has high precision and coloring. With the concrete ground construction, shorten the construction period, without construction mortar leveling layer.

1, after curing the surface of high hardness, wear resistance, can not afford to dust;

2, so that the ground can withstand large impact load;

3, and the grass-roots concrete bonding, can not drum, not fall off;

4, daily cleaning convenient and simple, save material, reduce costs.

5, construction thickness of 3-5mm, the service life and the original concrete surface synchronization

Summary: the above is a small series of steel sand wear-resisting floor of some of the presentation, I hope all of you help.

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