What does the import fee of timber include? Zero

What does the import fee of timber include? Chinese timber demand mainly rely on imports, imports of wood in Guangdong, the country imports accounted for 1\/5, in the wood raw material and lumber companies up to several million, with the improvement of living standards, people have gradually made love the use of imported wood furniture, timber imports favored by consumers, so we have to ask. What are the costs of timber imports? The following Xiaobian on this issue for you to introduce, I hope to help you.

First of all, there are exchange fees, pier fees, file fees, shipping companies, replacement fees, etc., the different origin of wood and different types of wood of different quality, each cost is not the same.

Secondly, there is the port fees, inspection and quarantine fees, the commodity inspection, customs clearance agent, fumigation fees, taxes, business check cabinet, customs check counters and trailer fees, fees, rent storage cabinet cabinet loss, washing cabinet fees, fees together is import costs, the cost of wood is different different, under different circumstances to consider specific.

Finally, according to Canadian spruce, for example, import prices are generally as follows: 1., the value of the goods themselves, generally imported according to CIF. 2., the import tariff of goods is 0.3., the import value added tax of goods = the value of CIF, the price *17%, because it is the input value added tax, it can be deducted. 4. spruce belongs to endangered species, the need to provide proof for the endangered, import agent directly if agents in the ferry deduction. 5., Canada Customs clearance fees to the port, the board is generally calculated according to the cabinet fee, 3500 or so a cabinet (package city transportation). Log in cubic number. Customs clearance fees at different ports are different, and the items included in the lump sum fee are different. Total cost: CIF price, *1.17+3500\/ cabinet, customs clearance fee.

What are the costs of imported wood? Believe that after a small series of reports, we have a certain understanding, basically can understand the specific circumstances of the timber import costs, if you have a further understanding of the wishes of the words, you can log in regulating the family network, where you can learn more useful information.

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