What do you do to maintain the power of the computer room

Today, the computer holds a high position in our lives, when we use computer, we can also experience the convenience, we sit in front of the computer can solve all things in life, to eat their meals, to business exchanges, but the computer is the need for power when in use when in use, the power of the engine room maintenance above what we do? These are what we need to know, so as to ensure the normal use of this product.

First, since it is electronic products, then it will need to pay attention in the use of temperature and humidity, temperature, it is best not to exceed 80 degrees Celsius, the use of high temperature, it will damage the internal structure of power supply, electronic products also need to pay attention to the humidity is used in humidity, it is not too big, the water into the internal power supply will short-circuit, electricity and water are incompatible, and this is what we need to know.

In second, the use of long, chilled water air conditioner will accumulate dust, in the case of using the power will form a layer of negative electron, that we do not see, when a negative electron in the accumulation layer, it will absorb the dust, if this is a layer of dust inside the machine. It will also lead to short-circuit power, we need to clean the dust regularly, so that it can be very good to maintain the product itself.

Third, the power supply has two connections, which can connect wireless connection and limited the two options are very safe, so we are in the process of using don’t need to worry about the safety problems, but when we do not use a product is a need to close the switch, at this time the power in a closed state, well protect the instrument.

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