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What is the bathroom? It is through the ingenious combination of Yuba special waterproof infrared lamp and fan the bathroom heating, infrared physiotherapy, bathroom ventilation, daily lighting and decoration functions such as integrating bath with small household electrical appliances. As soon as winter comes, it takes some courage to take a bath, especially those who use traditional bathing rooms. Bathing in winter is a special bad news. At this time, if there is a bathroom in the bathroom, bath will become comfortable, Yuba can not only lighting, can also provide warmth for you, let your bathroom is no longer cold. But, do you know what kind of bath? What kind of Yuba is good? Here I recommend two kinds of Yuba types, for your reference!

What is the Yuba

Yuba, refers to the ingenious combination of special waterproof infrared lamp and fan the bathroom heating, infrared physiotherapy, bathroom ventilation, daily lighting and decoration functions such as integrating bath with small household electrical appliances. Yuba is heating equipment many families are preferred, currently marketed in Yuba, most are uneven, the quality is uneven in quality.

The type of Yuba

1, warm wind yuba:


Compared to the light warm warm wind Yuba, Yuba has high safety, uniform heating, soft light advantages, even larger bathrooms can obtain uniform heating. In addition, warm wind Yuba type is more modern, decorative installation in the bathroom will be better in the warm light type bathroom products.


Light and warm bath of different heating time, warm wind Yuba type, indoor to warm up before taking a shower, so will consume more power. In addition, warm wind Yuba will let bath body produce cold feeling in the air, it is also the most for the elderly and children can not adapt to the local. Third, now warm wind Yuba type sales price was higher than that of light warm Yuba, so the price to be relatively poor.

2, light warm bath:


Light warm Yuba is the earliest in the market of the Yuba products, there still remain a considerable market share. The Yuba due to long production time and high yield, so the technology is very mature. And the price is relatively low. In addition, the lamp also has rapid heating Yuba warm type central heating, indoor temperature rise rapidly, and many other advantages, is a practical and cost-effective and high quality products.


The main disadvantage of the lamp is not suitable for Yuba warm type larger bathroom, because the heating range of the lamp warm Yuba is relatively small, in large bathroom will appear Lengrebujun phenomenon. Again, the light warm bath bully light glare, easily hurt the elderly and children’s eyes.

What kind of good buy Yuba

1. packing and accessories. The regular manufacturers of products appearance smooth, delicate and clear graphic printing products; with switch board, wiring box and outlet fittings; product packaging with manual, certificate and safety manuals etc.. The bathroom accessories.

2. mask. The quality of Yuba mask, play a vital function. High quality masks are not only of moderate thickness, smooth surface, but also high temperature resistant and flame retardant. As a bully, the U.S. General Electric plastic materials, high temperature resistance of 200 DEG C, which is compared to the general use of PPO, ABS plastic products can.

3. prominent decorative yuba. Yuba installed in the bathroom ceiling in Yuba thickness has changed greatly, and the decoration also will not take up too much space. Even more bathroom products in appearance, color, unique flavor of modern, this highly decorative bathroom, full of natural beauty.

4. heating lamp. The utility model uses the infrared quartz radiation heating bulb as the heat source to heat the room air by direct radiation without preheating, the heat can be adjusted, the heat effect is concentrated, and the heating effect can be obtained in a large range in a moment. Due to material reasons, some manufacturers of light bulbs explosion-proof performance, low thermal efficiency. Some quality brands adopt quartz hard glass, which has high thermal efficiency and low power consumption, and has been tested reliably by explosion proof and service life.

5. lamp. Long time use of Yuba, bright light will cause light pollution, therefore, the best selection of high quality soft light bulb. Some products are GE (American General Electric), PHILIPS (PHILPS), OSRAN (Germany, OSRAM) and other brands of lighting, light soft, long service life. Or buy infrared Yuba, different from the infrared ultraviolet, on surface infrared can be the body’s blood vessels open, can promote blood circulation, The new supersedes the old..

6. lamp holder and lamp holder. The bulb and bulb of ordinary light bulbs fall off easily at high temperatures.

In addition, high-quality Yuba generally used threaded connection between the lamp holder and the lamp bulb, comparison. The conductive ring high power switch can make the lamp bulb often fall off, the Yuba generally use the porcelain seat body design, to ensure that the users use for a long time, lift maintenance lamp holder bitter.

编辑总结:以上就是The type of Yuba有哪些,如何选择适合自己的浴霸的相关介绍,希望能够帮助到有这方面需求的朋友们!如需了解更多的相关资讯,请继续关注我们网站。后续将呈现更多精彩内容。您也可以上齐家商城购买更多你心仪的产品哦!

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