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Today, I’d like to introduce one of the sockets, &mdash, &mdash, and dc. I believe this is a logarithmic, DC socket are widely used in our daily life, DC socket refers to a computer monitor for power matching power socket, DC socket, socket by transverse fork type contact spring, longitudinal socket, insulating base, directional keyway assembly the two fork type DC socket contact spring located in the center of the base position, the formation of vertical arrangement are not connected with each other.

DC socket categories

DC sockets are divided into two packages: SMT patch package, DIP plug-in package.

DC socket model specification

DC socket center needle: 0.5mm\/0.7mm\/1.3mm\/1.65mm\/2.0mm\/2.5mm\/3.0mm. DC socket common specifications: 2.35*0.7TVdc 3.0*0.1TV DC 2.5*0.75TVdc plug, plug, plug, plug 3.5*1.1TVDC, 3.2*0.9TV DC, 3.5*1.35TV 2.0*0.6TVdc, 5.5*2.1TVdc plug plug plug plug plug, 6.5*3.0TVdc, 5.5*2.5TVdc.

DC socket applications

1. AV products: MP3, MP4, DVD. audio;

2. digital products: digital cameras, digital cameras and so on;

3. remote control: Volume vehicles, doors, home security products for the remote control;

4. communications products: mobile phones, car phones, telephones, building equipment, PDA and so on;

5. household appliances: TV sets, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric wind, electronic body scales, electronic fat scales, electronic kitchen scales, etc.;

6. security products: visual walkie talkie, monitors and so on;

7. toys: electronic toys and so on;

8., computer products: camera, recording pen and so on;

9. fitness equipment: running machine, massage chair and so on;

10. medical equipment: blood pressure meter, thermometer, hospital call system, etc..

DC socket technical indicators

Contact resistance: Contact, Resistance, ≤ 0.03mmΩ

Rated load: Rated, Load, 30V, DC, 0.5A

Insulation resistance: Insulation, Resistance, ≥ 100MΩ

Plugging force: Insertion, and, Extraction, Force, 3N~30N

Withstand voltage: Withstand, Voltage, 500V, AC\/min, electrical life: Life 5000 times

Range of temperature: Temperature -40~+70 DEG C

How can the DC socket be welded?

Remove the position where it is to be welded, paint less, use 100W iron, blow it with the mouth, and melt immediately.

DC socket selection

In &ldquo, 30V\/0.5A&rdquo, for example, the allowable current is 0.5A, and the insulation voltage level is 30V.

“ 0.5A” maximum safe current. Greater than 0.5A will heat, oxidation, failure.

30V is an indicator of insulating materials, and there is a difference between them.

Attention to brand effectiveness, it is recommended to choose a large company brand products, quality assurance. The surface is smooth and without any defects.

DC socket eliminates sparks

Choose a large current transistor or MOS tube, and then select the relay.

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