What are the sizes of the common ceramic sinks? How do you choose 0?

What is a ceramic sink? What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic sinks? What are the sizes of ceramic sinks? For first-time friends, it is inevitable that there will be such or such doubt. Ceramic sink is fired by forming one of the sink, the body in white, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, aging resistance and other advantages, can clean cloth or metal ball can clean in the daily cleaning. Ceramic sink is the mainstream product of the last century in 80s and 90s, and has been less used in modern family decoration. Now let me get to know you!

How about a ceramic sink?

1. Ceramic Sink advantages

Aristocratic temperament, fashionable, high-grade, high temperature, low price. Good care.

2. Ceramic Sink defects

Style less modelling, color dull, lack of gloss, fragile.

Ceramic Sink Size

The utility model is mainly divided into single groove, double groove, three groove or mother trough. The single groove can satisfy the needs of the separate treatment of the cleaning and the conditioning; the three groove or the child trough is suitable for the big kitchen, the food is cooked and separated, and the time saving and the labor saving are saved.

一般厨房Ceramic Sink Size

Thickness: 0.7mm-1.0mm;

Depth: 180mm-200mm;

No convex, no warping, less than 0.1mm

What brand is a ceramic sink?

What brand is a ceramic sink?——九牧

China’s well-known trademarks have been selected in the government green procurement list, integrated large-scale integrated sanitary ware leading enterprises.

What brand is a ceramic sink?——弗兰卡

Began in Switzerland in 1911, is a global leader in home and small business, one of the world’s largest cigarette maker production base.

What brand is a ceramic sink?——摩恩

American Moen’s brand, industry-leading, best-selling brand, the world’s leading high water faucet, kitchen pots, bathroom hardware accessories, one of the professional manufacturing company.

What brand is a ceramic sink?——科勒

Founded in 1873, one of the oldest and largest Private Held Company in the United States, a global leader in kitchen and toilet products, high-end interior decoration products, engines and power generation systems.

Ceramic Sink

1, select the formal building materials market, brand merchants, inspection and testing reports, sales contracts and so on.

2, according to the habits and aesthetic to choose the shape of the sink, size, color, process and other comprehensive consideration.

3, avoid using abrasives, strong acid and other substances clean. With a soft and clean cloth wipe, keep dry. Stains or paint can be removed by turpentine or paint thinner (such as banana water).

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Ceramic trough

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