What are the methods of stone dyeing and marble dyeing? 0

The color differences of natural stone color, different parts of the same area, the same spots may be different. The needs of the customers products color and highlight the need for consistency, which requires from the material selection, layout, layout to select the color of products on the one part, with color difference, not only do inventory products, to enable enterprises to increase the cost, the internal structure of the distribution of natural stone are the color line, splash, sweep the blocks from the flowers, not to look, only after that sawing. So, how many people know about the stone dyeing agent formula? Here’s a look at the stone stain recipe and what are the methods of marble dyeing.

Stone dyeing agent formula

微谱分析法是目前国内最成熟、有效的Stone dyeing agent formula检测技术手段。它通过综合采用图谱分析对比方法,并运用多种分析仪器精确测试,来分析石材染色剂中起决定作用的某种关键性微量元素。24小时服务热线:400-700-8006(转裴工)

I. overview of stone dyeing agents

(1)Stone dyeing agent formula的技术参数:

1. colors: on-demand deployment

2. specific gravity: 0.80-0.84

3. dosage: 6-20 (m \/L)

4. weather resistance: very high

(2) guidance of the use of stone dyeing agents:

1. clean the stone thoroughly and dry fully. If necessary, heat the stone with the spray gun, so that the moisture inside the stone can be fully volatilized;

2. evenly coated on the surface of the dye, or in the stones need to be dyed on the spot coated with dye, keep wet for 1-5 hours; if necessary, the use of immersion can make penetration better;

3. wash water, and floating color hair brush on the stone surface, do dry curing;

4. if you need to penetrate deeper, you should heat the stone before painting and make the inner water evaporate completely and extend the soaking time of the dye.

Two, stone dyeing agent characteristics and matters needing attention

Characteristics of stone dyeing agent:

1., strong penetration, deep into the inner layer of stone, can penetrate 1-10MM, and even deeper, keep it will not fade or fade

2., increase the color of stone, its color stability, a certain acid, alkali and weather resistance, has a certain ability to resist ultraviolet radiation

3. have rich colors, black, red, red, brown, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, dark green color

4. effectively deal with various stone color difference

Matters needing attention:

1. use stone dyeing agent, please shake the product, if a little precipitation, belongs to normal condition, does not affect the use and use effect;

2. wear protective gloves before use. Avoid touching skin and clothes. If you touch clothes and skin, rinse with plenty of water as soon as possible,

3. work environment to maintain ventilation, avoid large inhalation.

4. flammable, please stay away from fire and electrical sparks.

Three, marble dyeing what methods?

1. White marble staining. In Dali there are white marble, slate snow white and other varieties. The method is that the articles used are prepared into a certain concentration of the solution, and then coated on the marble surface in order to penetrate into the marble, and finally rinse and wipe with water, and the depth of coloration can generally reach 3 to 10mm. The black, cherry, red, brown, orange, red, blue and sky blue marble products can be obtained by using different liquid medicine and processing procedures.

2, serpentine marble coloring method. Staining method is to use a liquid containing a variety of salts coated board, after it penetrate into the interior of the board, and then coated with pigment and salt solution, after long-term observation, the sun and wash repeatedly wipe sassafras. No change in color layer.

3, a red color hydrochloric acid method. Under certain physical conditions, using potassium ferricyanide solution and dilute hydrochloric acid by the appropriate proportion of mixed liquid, sprinkle the cover on the marble plate, after a period of time, rinse with water and dry naturally, blue or blue marble in polishing.

4, red color method. Use the appropriate concentration of potassium ferricyanide solution, sprinkle the cover on the marble surface, rinse with water and then dried and polished, which are yellow or yellow green marble.

5, copper nitrate method. The first copper nitrate solution according to appropriate proportion of the allocation of heating to a certain temperature, the surface sprinkle cover in the marble plate, let the full effect, water washing and drying, and polishing, to obtain the peacock green marble.

6, complex reagent method. The hydrochloric acid, alizarin red, red three kinds of reagents in a proper proportion configuration into a dilute solution of liquid, liquid will be sprinkled on the marble surface cover, for a period of time, rinse with water after drying, and polishing, to obtain the deep or shallow rose red marble.

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