What are the materials used in the sunshine roof? The analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the sun roof material 0

Sunshine room, commonly known as glass room, is a non-traditional building, its building facade is generally used by the sun plate, but also all the choice of glass. Sun room according to various needs, provide tempered, laminated, hollow and other special glass roof, novel style, gorgeous design, structural safety, high sealing process structure to ensure the seal does not leak, with thermal insulation, waterproof and anti ultraviolet performance. Well, what material is good for the sun roof? Don’t worry. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the sun roof material.

What are the materials used in the sunshine roof? Good analysis of the merits and demerits of the sun roof material

Talking about what material is good for the sunshine room, we should talk about the kind of sunshine room.

The quality of the sunshine house should first be reflected in its structure, and the structure fastness of the sunlight house determines the service life of the sunshine house. Refined to ensure that the appearance of the sun room is beautiful, in addition to advanced equipment, but also experienced skilled workers, fastness, instrument testing, can also be measured. Beautiful, that can only feel, maybe — fixed pin is too conspicuous, but also affect the appearance of Liang Liang, can do is the main keel, even the wall does not reveal — nail head.

Sunshine roof material mainly: toughened glass, sunlight plate, color steel plate, Degova, broken bridge aluminum and so on. At the top of the sun room traditional crafts is made of toughened glass, and later the rise of the second generation and the three generation of insulation Yang real bridge housing is currently listed at the top of the material: after the change, a good solution to the glass roof sun room summer overheating problems.

Sun roof material each has its advantages and disadvantages, before making, must consider good, according to their own needs:

1, tempered glass top: (advantages) permeability is the best glass ceiling, sunshine room, (shortcomings) glass permeability is good, it is bound to heat insulation and insulation is not good.

Glass top sunlight room: Glass sunlight room is skeleton material. It is welded with high strength carbon steel. The structure is firm, and the introduction of advanced spraying technology in foreign countries, keep the paint as long as new, and never rust. The glass roof sun provides steel, plastic folder, hollow and other special glass roof. Four sides with plastic steel, broken bridges, aluminum, glass curtain wall and other materials. Cost 480 yuan \/ square metre. Through the heat treatment process, so that the glass has good mechanical properties, with broken debris to meet the safety requirements of the glass products, called toughened glass. Glass is a kind of brittle material. It is characterized by high compressive strength, low tensile strength and easily broken. The debris has a sharp blade that cuts the skin, breaks the body, and causes bleeding.

2, color steel top sunshine room: (advantages) color steel plate insulation and heat insulation is better, (disadvantage) color steel plate is not light, the tone is not a single grade.

Steel structure of aluminum in the sun room abroad is mainly because some sun room is too large, because of the high strength steel, and convenient welding, so the steel frame, aluminum strip. Built a big sunny room. In China (especially Beijing) because the sun room is a new thing, and the price is high, so in order to reduce the cost, the steel aluminum composite (i.e. aluminum ladle sun room), steel as the main structure meets the strength problem of aluminum as the surface decoration, the sun room more beautiful and durable.

3, Tegola top sun room: (advantages), etc. have the Tegola sauna board is composed of five layers of heat insulation, thermal insulation, roof and various color appearance is beautiful, light color (bad) is not good enough, the price is relatively high; can be at the top of the skylight, the design around the tall windows help lighting and ventilation.

Tegola sun roof is composed of five layers: the first layer is the Tegola, the second layer is a waterproof layer, the third layer is the cement board, the fourth layer is the core board, the fifth layer is the sauna board; steel, aluminum, glass curtain wall materials with Tegola sun room around the face. Tegola sunshine real novel style, gorgeous design, safety construction.

4, the broken bridge aluminum sunshine room: (advantages) skeleton with broken bridge, aluminum filled with hollow glass fiber, permeability is good, good heat insulation, and (shortcomings): the cost is relatively high.

The broken bridge heat insulation aluminum alloy for the framework, to achieve good insulation performance at the same time, comprehensively capture the domestic &ldquo can not be solved at present; self bearing ” technical problems. The surface of aluminum alloy profile is treated by high temperature electrostatic powder spraying. It has no pollution, smooth surface, no fading and no dropping. It is durable and won’t be oxidized. The service life of the broken bridge aluminum sunlight room is about fifty years, and its color twenty is not fading;

The broken bridge aluminum sunlight house is also characterized by the design of the hollow section of the aluminum component. The advantage of using hollow aluminum profile, using EIB bus technology to connect wind sensor, rain sensor and a temperature sensor and an external electric sunshade system and electric sunroof, from the position of hollow aluminum wire, the external sunshade system, electric sunroof and various sensors integrated, open and close automatically according to the internal and external environment changes in the sun room, the sun room intelligent real control.

Conclusion: the quality of material and the sun room is very important to do the sun room to start from the materials bought the materials we see is not because it is so famous brand product quality assurance in a test report and environmental standards finally make finished products manufacturers. The above on the sun roof what good material, simply introduced here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please stay tuned.

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