What are the main ingredients of paint? What are the ingredients in paint 0

What are the main ingredients of paint? What are the ingredients in the paint? In the decoration of the house is painted, we are most frequently used, the use of paint, can beautify the family, bring visual enjoyment, but also bring a lot of paint, the paint has a lot of harm, because many people do not understand the paint composition, so I do not know the paint damage, then Xiaobian today as the main component of everyone talk about paint.

First of all, let’s get to know the paint. Paint is very common. Paint is a kind of chemical mixture coating that can firmly cover the surface of an object and protect and decorate it. Paint is a compound material. And belongs to the organic chemical polymer material, the coating film formed belongs to the high polymer compound type. Coatings belong to fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a versatile engineering material and an important industry in the chemical industry.

Paint has many ingredients. For the main components of paint, paint, regardless of species or shape, are composed of film forming material, secondary film forming material and auxiliary film forming material composed of three basic substances. The paint film forming material, namely binder, film-forming material for most organic polymer mixed ingredients, after high temperature reaction, there are inorganic paint combination, it is the main component of paint, determines the performance of the paint film. Film forming materials are important.

The main components of the paint including auxiliary film-forming material, auxiliary film-forming material is various additives, solvents, additives in the paint production process, storage, use, and film formation process plays a very important role. Although the amount used is very small, it has a great influence on the properties of the film. Water paint need more additives to meet production, construction, storage and formation of paint film. The level of paint additives also represents the level of national paint. A mixture of film forming base material and dispersing medium is often called paint material. This is not enough for the paint.

What are the main components of the paint paint? What are the ingredients? Through this introduction, I believe we already know, the main component of the paint, we still need to understand, buy the paint when you can help you. But buying good paint is good for your family’s health.


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