What are the features of HUAWEI modular UPS

HUAWEI modular UPS has a lot of series, but the purpose and function are the same, it is specifically designed for large and medium data centers and other scenes of modular uninterruptible power supply. The availability of the system some network energy may not be perfect, sometimes a problem in the system for a long period of time are not very good maintenance process, which brings great delay to the work, work can better and faster processing. But HUAWEI modular UPS is based on the full modular hot swappable design, maintenance and expansion speed is very fast, the fastest five minutes to fix. Single maximum can be expanded to 800KVA, can be the edge of the expansion of growth, but other equipment but not so convenient. The advantage of this system is to improve the usability of the system.

HUAWEI telecom power systems has three main characteristics, that is reliable, efficient and simple. The module is a whole, no single point of failure, if the battery, capacitor or even broken fan, will have the function of warning, to do so is to prevent the expansion of the fault, thus affecting more work. The utility model has the advantages of low energy consumption and high design, can effectively save energy consumption, and can save energy consumption more than fifty percent at least.

Finally, the last feature is simple. Simplicity is all the advantages of the above. The most worth mentioning is that it can be cut and cut capacity, which will not only affect the work, but also to make the work better. HUAWEI modular UPS is currently these features, it is very practical and effective. It can help some companies to work fast, efficient, it is also very energy-efficient.

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