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The choice of drainage material is particularly important and, if properly chosen, can cause undue trouble later. Therefore, after the completion of the construction, it is necessary to carry out the pressure test, and the quality of the pipe is higher. At the same time, many families are directly used in the water supply pipe for drinking water, so the water supply pipeline will cause two pollution of water, the material of the tube will affect the health, but also the owners in the purchase of the need to focus on the water supply pipe. The following small series for you to introduce drainage materials and what are the main points of drainage materials purchase.

What are the drainage materials?

1, PE

PE, commonly known as polyethylene, is specially used for building water supply, drainage, air supply pipes, heating, electrical, agricultural and industrial materials. In the modern society, PE is mainly used for city water supply and drainage materials in many drainage tube material, PE may not be the most outstanding, has the characteristics of no other materials may also drain so much, but the superiority of PE drainage pipe material, there is also a part of other materials can not drain beyond the super. The main characteristics of PE drainage material are chemical resistance, good sanitation, good flexibility, shock resistance, easy operation, simple and so on.

2, PVC

PVC, commonly known as polyethylene glycol, is a high polymer material. It is also the most unique of the drainage material. A thermoplastic resin that is polymerized under the action of an initiator of vinyl chloride. It is one of the largest plastics products in the market, with low cost and wide range of applications. Generally, the PVC drain material is either white or light yellow. In the drainage works of our country, the use of poly vinyl material is no less than PP drainage material. And generally in the home drainage projects, will also often use this kind of poly vinyl material.

3, PP

PP, originally known as polypropylene, is a kind of material specially used for drainage pipes. Its main characteristics are high hardness, heat resistance, aging, and the density is relatively small. Its temperature environment can reach about 100 degrees, but at a lower temperature, the PP drain material will become brittle. There is also good insulation and electrical properties. Therefore, PP drainage material is now the most ideal drainage material in the field of construction and engineering. Among the many drainage materials, PP pipe fittings have many advantages that other materials can not compare with.

4, plastic

Plastic, in fact, is a kind of resin based, adding a variety of auxiliary agents, fillers and reinforced materials, etc., under certain technical processes, processing, molding, molding a solid material. It is also used to make drains, mainly domestic drains, which are used more often. What about the advantages of this drain material? The plastic material is light and impact resistance, also has corrosion resistance, transparency, good wear resistance materials, therefore this kind of drainage pipe in the modern field of construction engineering, has a very high practical value.

5, stainless steel

Stainless steel, this word must not be unfamiliar to everyone! Stainless steel, as the name suggests, is a steel pipe that does not rust. It is mainly used to transport fluids, such as water, oil, neat, gas, etc.. Moreover, this kind of drainpipe material is used very frequently in our country, and its range is wide. With high torsional strength and light weight, it is also widely used in engineering structures, manufacturing machinery parts and so on, in addition to being used as drainage materials. For the output of fluid, stainless steel drain pipe, also has good pressure resistance and endurance.

Selection of drain material

1, pay attention to service life

Compared with the water supply pipe, drainage pipe due to compression is smaller and for sewage water, so the material compression ability and environmental health requirements are not high, the most important point is that the aging resistance, service life is long. If the leakage of water pipes, it is likely to affect the downstairs residents, but also more difficult to repair, therefore, in the purchase of drainage pipe can not be careless.

2, choose the right specifications

Drain pipe has many specifications, usually divided into 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 110mm and so on. 40mm is generally used for basin water, water and water balcony floor drain; 50mm is generally used for kitchen water; 75mm is generally used for kitchen, balcony, etc. the total drainage basin; 110mm is generally used for toilet water, water wall. In the purchase, according to the requirements of the location of specifications to buy.

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