What are the common hand sink materials? How do you choose 0?

Today, I’d like to introduce some knowledge about hand sinks. So, do you know what a hand sink is? Hand trough, as the name suggests, is the whole manual production trough, did not use numerical control fully mechanized production process. This is not the production equipment is not developed, but the characteristics of manual sinks, can only be produced by hand, and its production process welding, grinding, sanding, pad, spray, sand pushing. Now is the era of high-tech CNC, why are there hand produced sink it? Now let me give you the answer.

Hand trough material

There are usually 4 different types of materials, namely, 1.201 stainless steel (including nickel, 1-1.5%), 2.202 stainless steel (containing nickel 5%), 3.304 stainless steel (containing nickel 8%), and 4.316 stainless steel (including nickel 12%). 316 stainless steel is especially expensive for medical precision equipment.

Manual trough production process




Processing pass is the beautification process, the surface roughness and drawing lines.

Sanding belt

通Sanding belt可使焊痕消失,且重现漂亮的直拉丝纹路。


The bottom and side wall of the water tank are provided with an environmental protection sponge pad.



Push the sand

The surface of the tank is optimized again to ensure a smooth surface and clear straight lines.

How to judge the merits of a manual sink?


2, exquisite surface texture, exquisite design overflow hole design.

3, environmental protection, sanitation, easy to clean, good flatness.

4, with PVC material, with the same life of the tank, anti blocking, no seepage, water leakage.

5, the thickness is 1.0~1.5mm, the quality of 1.2mm is relatively good.

Hand trough production reasons


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Hand trough

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