What are the common brands and advantages of imported sink 0?

I believe we are no strangers to the sink. With the improvement of people’s living standard, synonymous with imported high-quality products is now imported products due to sophisticated technology, often can bring excellent experience, and sink technology abroad is very advanced, so the import water more and more consumers welcome. So what are the advantages of an imported sink? What are the common brands of imported sinks? In order to facilitate your purchase, here I recommend for you a few good imported sink brand, I hope to help you purchase!

Introduction of inlet flume

Mainly stainless steel sink mainly, from the perspective of the market analysis, imported water tanks in the direction of the top, become the world’s leading brands.

Root understanding, most of the use of high-quality 304 stainless steel manufacturing, comprehensive, good rust resistance, durable, with advanced non stick oil, demagnetization process, easy to clean, lasting new.

The imported sink has a unique, cohesive European atmosphere and global wisdom. It deals with the artistic life of contemporary glory.

Advantages of imported water trough

1, beautiful technology, long service life. As a representative of OULIN trough, its hardness is 2 times of that of ordinary sink, and its welding fastness, load and so on are higher than the national standard. Visually comfortable, generous and generous.

2, reverse osmosis function. Two double filter water dropping device, filtering uneven leftover can effectively prevent sewer jams phenomenon, with noise and anti reverse osmosis water function.

Import sink brand recommendation

Imported brand &mdash Franke Franke sink;

Founded in 1911, is located in Switzerland, the world has branches in all regions, to become the world’s leading brands, included in the ten major brands in the water tank list.

Imported sink brand — OULIN OULIN

Founded in 1995, is located in Zhejiang, Ningbo, won: sink, ten brands, well-known cabinet brands and many other honors.

Imported sink brand — Moen Moen

Founded in 1937, one of the world’s largest leading manufacturers. The world famous multinational companies, in fact, force can be imagined.

Imported brand &mdash sink; sink jadabharata

One of the earliest production trough enterprises. Located in the ten major brands in the water tank ranked fourth, high visibility in the country. Favored by consumers.

Imported sink brand &mdash

The only American investor in the mainland. Products all over the world countries and regions, has been popular among consumers.

Imported sink brand — DELTA DELTA

Founded in 1954, as one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, its popularity is much higher than other brands. Habitat is located in the ten major brands in the water tank ranked sixth.

Imported brand &mdash tank; Sunite SONATA

Chinese and foreign joint ventures have been recognized and supported by many consumers for their high quality, novelty and complete range of products.

Imported sink brand — Prussia

Zhejiang brand, with the German company to form a global strategic cooperation, invested nearly 300 thousand sets of water trough production line, the strength is quite strong, diversified production categories, into the tens of thousands of households.

Editor’s summary: These are the common import sink brands and advantages of what related knowledge introduced, hoping to help friends in this regard! For more information, please continue to focus on our website and the follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also go to the Qijia shopping mall to buy your favorite product!

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