What are the best solid wood furniture brands? Which solid wood furniture is the best 0?

Many of my friends love to buy solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, but to understand the brand is not much, solid wood furniture has been expensive furniture types between different materials of solid wood furniture prices are also very different, so as not to be cheated, have a certain understanding is quite good for solid wood furniture brand. Then, what are the best solid wood furniture brands? What kind of solid wood furniture is best? Today, Xiao Bian for you to introduce the best solid wood furniture brands, as well as what kind of solid wood furniture is best, the following to take a look at it.

What are the best solid wood furniture brands?

The best solid wood furniture brand: Huafeng

I believe that HuaFeng furniture still know it, is a furniture brand in Dalian, now the furniture brand competition, HuaFeng furniture still standing, the quality is enough to prove its product, whether it is solid wood furniture brand how to change, basically in the China Fengdu.

Best solid wood furniture brand: Eco-ego

Eco-ego is an old brand of solid wood furniture. It has a history of more than 50 years. It is a well-known brand in Heilongjiang. Long term focus on solid wood furniture R & D design, has a very complete set of furniture design system, is the solid wood furniture industry evergreen.

The best solid wood furniture brands: Nanyang Hu family

Nanyang Hu is from Zhejiang furniture brand, although the Nanyang Hu furniture history without Eco-ego long, but more than ten years of development early today Nanyang Hu was enough to prove that it is the value of the goods, handicraft wonderful solid wood and first-class delicate, is a kind of traditional certainty.

Best of all solid wood furniture brands: tolerance

In many solid wood furniture brand ranking are rarely mentioned yundian, but it also can be denied yundian solid wood furniture, mainly yundian mahogany furniture production, furniture is very high, although the bright younger generation, but yundian wood furniture can also be regarded as a good solid wood furniture.

The best solid wood furniture brands: more brands of solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture brand variety, there is not one list for everyone, like solid wood furniture brand italsofa, federal, HuaFeng, Japan, China, Markor, X.M.B, double light, Nanyang Hu, Eco-ego, yundian, Lian Tianhong, Jinkaisha, QuMei, all friends, two tigers, are also a Dili etc. very good, interested friends can look at.

What kind of solid wood furniture is best: mahogany, peach, core wood

Solid wood furniture is divided into many kinds, ashtree, Catalpa wood, oak, pine, camphor wood, rosewood is a good material, here why rosewood and mahogany is best, mainly because the two materials price is more expensive, so we should pay special attention to look for the material when buying wood furniture solid wood furniture, the price difference of different materials greatly, be careful fooled.

以上关于What are the best solid wood furniture brands?以及哪种实木家具最好就简单介绍到这里了,但特别还是要提醒大家一定要注意实木家具材质的辨别,不要被以次充好的商家给蒙蔽了。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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