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What are the advantages of kitchen soot filters? With the development of society, people’s living standards improve, more and more people to pursue high quality of life, the kitchen has great harm to people’s health, but also pollute the environment, so there is a kitchen fume filter in recent years, sales have been good. So, the question comes, what are the advantages of kitchen soot filter? The following Xiaobian to introduce the advantages of kitchen soot filter.

Advantages: ensure kitchen smoke unobstructed, and the filter efficiency is high: when the wind speed is 1.2m\/s, the pressure drop is only 2.1mmPa. To ensure a healthy kitchen, good working conditions. The efficiency of filtering soot not only meets the national standards. Moreover, the filtration process is not affected by the composition and concentration change of soot. It can not only filter lampblack, protect the health of you and your family, but also be worth choosing.

Two advantages: safety fire prevention and more convenient: effectively block the smoke at the front end, so that the hood, pipe oil storage by 95%, at 786 C high temperature effectively blocking fire. But its small size, convenient installation, convenient maintenance, the equipment is installed in the hood by fire location, convenient and beautiful, do not need to provide a new space for cleaning; no special requirements. Take off in the kitchen at the end, the oil removal agent soaking, second days before work out, with the flow of water leaching can be restored a new. Safe and easy to use, it’s worth choosing.

Three advantages: reduce costs, reduce trouble: operation process of products without water and electricity consumption, no noise, no replacement parts for trouble. The long-term use is not changed. The installation and maintenance costs very little. Two years time saving under the hood, the flue cleaning costs can save production costs of buying. The equipment is installed in the position of the fireproof net of the smoke cover, so the utility model is convenient and beautiful, and no new space is needed. It’s worth choosing.

What are the advantages of the kitchen fume filter? Believe that after a small series of reports, we have a certain understanding, of course, we must pay attention to the choice of brand in the purchase, a good brand can ensure better use effect.

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