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Before we understand the diatom mud, the children’s room, the background wall, we first understand the relevant knowledge of diatom mud. Diatom mud, is a kind of inner wall environmental protection decorative wall material with diatomite as main raw materials, with the elimination of formaldehyde, air purification, humidity control, the release of negative oxygen ions, fire retardant, wall self-cleaning, sterilization and deodorization functions. Diatom mud has a wide range of applications. Available in the following places: living room, bedroom, study room, baby room, ceiling and so on. Today, more and more people choose diatom mud, but a larger proportion or three or four. After all, children are the most important part of the family. Diatom mud, children’s room, the decoration of the background wall, now gradually into every family with children. Diatom mud manufacturers have also designed different styles of diatom mud children’s rooms for different groups of people.

Diatom mud; children’s house; background wall; — — advantages

Advantage one: natural, environmental protection, pollution-free.

Environmental protection, no pollution, decoration can be admitted on the same day, from the source to prevent formaldehyde pollution.

Advantages two: indoor air purifier.

Diatom mud can quickly absorb the peculiar smell and harmful substances in the air, and play the role of purifying indoor air.

Advantage three: sound insulation effect is good.

It has a strong noise reduction function. Give the child a restful sleep environment.

Advantage four: reduce color pollution.

Color is gentle, reduce the child’s myopia rate.

Advantage five: flexible collocation.

Due to different techniques and techniques, diatom mud decoration effect is not the same, so that the room is full of unique personality of the host.

Diatom mud; children’s house; background wall; — — color

Blue: represents the vast sky and the sea. In a clear blue atmosphere, the heart is easier to calm and relax, to eliminate tension.

Green: bright rather than dazzling, beneficial digestion, promote body balance, baby room can also be used.

Yellow: lightness, transparency, brilliance, and hopeful color impression.

Pink: represents lovely, sweet, gentle and pure, brilliant, elegant and noble.

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Diatom mud; children’s room; background wall

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