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How about the Grohe faucet? I believe we are not unfamiliar with the brand of Grohe. The Grohe faucet is a product of the German Grohe group, the largest and globally leading single brand bathroom manufacturer and supplier in europe. Grohe products always follow high-quality, precision design and manufacturing, and independently developed a number of patented technology, its products world-renowned, in 140 countries have representative offices, as well as 12 factories, 17 operating Affiliated Companies. If is for friends, may have been found in our life, using Grohe products, Grohe is very prominent in the bathroom sector, when you find your home using Grohe products are not surprised and delighted? Now, let’s get to know the Grohe faucet and how about the price of the Grohe faucet!

How about the Grohe faucet?

Grohe is recognized as one of the best quality faucets in the world. In 09 years, Grohe won 9 of the ten projects in europe. Domestic authentic platinum five star hotel, all use Grohe faucet.

The Grohe faucet is the only product in the world that needs little maintenance. Grohe faucet quality in the industry has an absolute position, but the price is still a little high, for the general family decoration, choose its faucet is still a lot of pressure.

Grohe faucet is divided into kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet and thermostatic faucet, the body is made of brass: the content is pure copper 60%, zinc 38%, other trace elements 2%, trace elements strictly control the content of tin and lead.

Grohe thermostatic faucet valve through the most sensitive thermometer, according to the design of human skin feeling, the use of high-quality materials, the industry’s cutting-edge technology thermostat can maximize the safety and comfort of the shower water temperature.

Grohe bathroom faucet series adopts award-winning design, quality materials and the latest industry-leading technology. Each series has a choice of different shapes of faucets, incorporating the latest popular ceramic bathroom and personal style preferences into the bathroom design.

Grohe faucet technology

1, instrument wire technology: precise water control, effortless, enjoy the permanent smooth comfortable handle of the leading handle.

2, instrument star flash technology: chrome surface, shine, against stains, rust points, the appearance of lasting as new.

3, Grohe fast fit Technology: this technology can reduce the installation time to 50%.

4, Grohe water saving technology: this technology has been used as a standard in many Grohe accessories and shower equipment. It reduces the consumption of water resources to the greatest extent and brings endless convenience and enjoyment to consumers.

5, Grohe reached the technology: in the face of pressure change can react quickly, and the cold and hot water supply to make the corresponding adjustment, to avoid the danger you are in the shower when the water temperature was suddenly too high to.

6, Grohe cold touch technology: you can ensure that the surface of the thermostat is too hot to touch.

Grohe faucet parts

1, Grohe F digital products

A digital controller incorporating the latest wireless technology, easy to operate functions, is installed on walls, bathtubs or lavatory edges, or glass shower screens, where any user is most comfortable.

2 、 Grohe faucet valve core

Grohe faucet valve core manufacturing plant in Germany by Grohe, through strict control, on the surface of the ceramic chip Grohe patent smoothing layer, the high quality lubricating performance is formed by numerous pores less than 1 microns to storage and transport of grease to ensure grease will not light the late loss, so that the valve operation slide smoothly.

Grohe faucet price

Grohe faucet repair

Grohe faucet repair服务热线:400-881-1698,消费者也可通过与高仪经销商联系咨询相关维修信息。高仪水龙头自购买之日起十年内,在正常使用和维护情况下,如发现龙头阀芯出现渗透和滴水现象,高仪公司可以对改产品故障部分进行免费修理和更换;自购买之日起两年内,在同等情况下,发现高仪水龙头(除龙头阀芯)系高仪的原因导致产品使用过程中出现故障,高仪公司对故障部分予以免费维修和更换。

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