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Aluminum Alloy is widely used in industrial products, because it has good physical properties, but the selection of welding methods and welding parameters properly, resulting in Aluminum Alloy welding parts due to the stress concentration caused serious deformation, or because of weld porosity and slag, incomplete welding defects, resulting in weld metal crack or loose material, seriously affecting the product quality and performance. Next, we will introduce the welding method of aluminum alloy and the welding points of aluminum alloy.

Welding method for aluminium alloy

1, tungsten arc welding

Argon tungsten arc welding is mainly used in aluminum alloys, but it is a very good welding method. However, tungsten argon arc welding equipment is more complex, and it is not suitable for operation under outdoor conditions.

2, resistance spot welding, seam welding

This method of welding can be used to weld aluminum alloy sheets of thickness below 5mm. However, the equipment used in welding is complex, welding current is high and productivity is high. It is especially suitable for mass production of zero parts.

3 pulse argon arc welding

Pulsed argon arc welding can improve the stability of welding process, and can adjust parameters to control arc power and weld formation. The weldment has small deformation and small heat affected zone, and is especially suitable for the welding of thin plate, all position welding, and welding of wrought aluminium, hard aluminium and super hard aluminium with strong sensibility.

Attention to welding of aluminium alloy

1, first to clean the surface of welding Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy before, can not have oil, dust, surface cleaning with acetone can Aluminum Alloy welding, plate Aluminum Alloy to clean with a wire brush, then add acetone cleaning.

2, in the welding of aluminum alloy, first clean the aluminum alloy surface, not fume, dust, etc., in addition, heavy plate aluminum alloy steel wire brush cleaning, and then acetone cleaning.

3, if the plate can be compared to the plate preheating, thus preventing preheating caused by insufficient welding through, in arc should be used when small current arc pit.

4, welding must be standardized, according to the thickness of the plate to welding

5, welding torch cable should not be too long, if it is too long, it will cause wire feeding stability.

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