WCBA semi final scene LED large screen burn smoke

Beijing on February 18th news, WCBA semi-final round match Beijing’s match against Shanghai at Shougang stadium, in the second quarter of the game, the home court LED billboards burned smoke scene, become an episode of fierce confrontation among the parties.

This is the scene soon began to play in the second quarter, the first section of the game after the end of the Beijing women’s basketball team to 23-22, 1 points ahead of the competition, while the two sides fight to the fans watching at home court Nanshenanfen when suddenly asked the pungent smell, to be looked up, I found it was the scene of a a LED billboard burned, venue suddenly smoke rising, and the order was also part of chaos, the audience stood up his nose to leave the seat.

But the episode did not affect the continuation of the match, in quite a part of the time, both players can only smell the smell of smoke in the air filled with coke in the field continue to fight, to become the WCBA stadium for a large number of wonders, this event also attracted many fans attention. Micro-blog named Guo Jianyuan @_ _ users in which micro-blog quipped: “this is the real smell of gunpowder!”

Causes of the fault current still can make nothing of it, but it is worth mentioning that, in the domestic similar LED screen burn out is not the first incident, in yesterday’s Qinhuai District Nanjing Longpan Road No. 450 building facades, it has a large LED screen burn smoke rose, then the fire brigade rushed to the to control the fire did not let down the further deterioration of the situation, but before this, in 2012 April 23rd, the Hongkong harbour grand hotel for LED LCD screen burn fire occurred, a total of more than 300 people were evacuated, but relatively large public places, relatively more gathered in the basketball hall in such a small area, stream of people what the risk is clearly more, not after this incident, the unit will not be repaired in a timely manner, to avoid the recurrence of similar things.

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