Wangjing SOHO lighting: the neighbors complain can’t sleep


Was recently voted the world’s sexiest building of Wangjing SOHO too “light” and “trouble”. Wangjing SOHO tower on the testing stage, because the night brilliantly illuminated, high brightness light source sleepless from the surrounding residents complain.

Last month, Wangjing to SOHO day in and day out “the gleaming” test, which many residents on the Internet to ridicule Pan Shiyi “this is to be blind”, is “more money to burn”.

Wangjing SOHO lighting

Pan Shiyi said “shock” residents complain that “blind”

After two years of construction, Wangjing SOHO finally revealed. In October 2013, the building began to light up at night. In December 2013, the building at night, most of the time most of the lights are burning.

SOHO China micro-blog official said, Wangjing SOHO officially entered the lighting period since December 10, 2013, and allotted a picture on. Pan Shiyi forwarded the micro-blog, and said “shock”.

But this did not win the surrounding area residents agree. Someone joked that night guarding the two huge lighting a hundred meters, “blind” feeling, very affect the rest.

“The night curtains shone like the house with six or seven a.m..” Baoxingyuan residential areas in Wangjing near SOHO, Ms. Qi complained that her family lived in a more than 70 year old mother, the room suddenly light so that the elderly are not used. To this end, Ms. Qi is also dedicated to the mother made thick shade.

“Many people think that with a neighbor of Wangjing SOHO, prices will rise, but it can benefit from them, compared to three years of construction noise and light pollution caused by the light, we really do not want to touch!” Raycom olive city residential property owners Mr. Wang said.

The reporter visited

The lights are too bright only 100 meters away from its recent tenants

The reporter visited发现,宝星园、融科橄榄城三期和一期、望京西园三区等多个小区均有部分居民楼的高层住户受到影响,最近的住户距离亮灯大楼仅有百米的距离。

The reporters found that the Wangjing SOHO initial lighting test, two buildings in addition to the individual floors is not bright, the whole bright. The reporter stood downstairs and found, in the light can be read.

Reporters in the 100 meters outside, also can feel the “high brightness” closed face, there is still light.

Recently, the building has entered the “shiny” stage, the two buildings are nearly twenty rhythmically in the twinkling night repeated “slow bright brightest – out” steps, every 33 seconds of a cycle, the surrounding residents looking very unhappy.

There is no official statement restrictions need consultation

The reporter learned from the Wangjing SOHO staff, the lighting is not finished, the end time can be determined to test stability.

The reporter consulted the city management team and the Wangjing street urban construction department, the staff have said that there is no about building or building lighting management regulations.

Since December 1, 2010, Beijing began to implement the first restrictions on “light pollution” regulations, namely “outdoor lighting interference light limitation standard”. Although the specification referred to “residential buildings around the set of all kinds of lighting, should be accounted for and control towards the bedroom windows and windows on the facade lighting brightness illumination”, but its limitation is mainly composed of a variety of objects such as outdoor lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, advertising lighting, commercial office lighting situation not in the normal operation of norms.

Wangjing city management team and street urban construction department said that if the residents feel a great impact, can communicate with the unit, or by the street to build a communication platform, to negotiate the specific matters.

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