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Wall paint is one of the main materials for walls, occupies a large part of the entire family decoration area, a decisive role in the decoration effect and living environment. Wall paint is so important, of course, to be cautious when buying, let Xiaobian and share with you about how to divide the wall paint, and the related content of what brand of good wall paint.

How do you paint the wall paint?

According to the substrate: can be divided into organic coatings, inorganic coatings, organic inorganic composite coatings. Organic coatings include solvent, emulsion and water soluble organic coatings. Inorganic coatings include traditional cement, lime, etc..

According to decorative effect: can be divided into surface smooth surface coating, surface sand, decorative effect of sand wall coating, forming concave convex pattern, three-dimensional decorative effect of complex coating.

According to the use area: can be divided into interior wall coating, exterior wall coating.

According to the use of function: can be divided into decorative coatings, special functional coatings (such as fire retardant paint, mildew coating, waterproof coating, elastic coating, etc.).

Wall paint in accordance with different standards, can be divided into different categories. Specifically, it can be classified according to the four dimensions of the substrate, the decorative effect, the use of the site and the use function. The arrangement and combination of the four dimensions lead to a variety of paint categories. In general, the substrate and the use of two types of regional combination for paint naming, such as solvent based exterior wall coating, water soluble interior wall coating, inorganic exterior wall coating, etc..

Commonly used wall paint, latex paint advantages

Now the market is mainly painted Rujiaoqi paint, and most of the family wall decoration mainly choose latex paint brush. Latex paint is a kind of organic coatings, which is made of synthetic resin emulsion as base material, adding pigments, fillers and various additives made up of a kind of water-borne coatings. Compared with other wall paint, latex paint, environmental protection, transportation and storage, there is no danger of explosion and fire, and convenient construction, fast drying coating, good air permeability, good water resistance and other advantages.

What brand of wall paint is good?

Environmental protection index, 1:VOC content. At present, the State implements mandatory implementation standards, namely, VOC≤ 200g\/L. There are three types of VOC effects on the human body: odors and sensory effects; mucosal irritation and other systemic toxicities; and some volatile organic compounds proved to be carcinogens or suspected carcinogens.

Environmental indicators 2: formaldehyde content. Now the country is implementing mandatory standards, the value of ≤ 100mg\/kg. Formaldehyde itself high toxicity, has a strong effect on the solidification of protein, amino and hydroxyl groups and can denature the nucleic acid binding, can inhibit gastric and pancreatic enzyme function, thus affecting metabolism, its vapor is carcinogenic in rodents.

Environmental indicators 3: heavy metal content. Heavy metals mainly refers to soluble lead and cadmium, chromium, mercury and other substances, some heavy metals are essential trace elements in a certain concentration range, but enter the body in excess of the body can tolerance limit, can cause serious physiological damage, cause a variety of diseases. Lead poisoning is more serious in children, and children have a particular susceptibility to lead. United States federal regulations CFR1303, lead content greater than 60mg\/Kg for lead paint, prohibited in public places or interior decoration.

Performance index 4: scrub resistance times. The number of scouring resistance mainly depends on the content and quality of the emulsion, and the main raw material also determines the main performance of latex paint, such as scrub times, weather resistance and color retention and other functions. Good wall paint products are basically more than 5000 times the number of scrub, for the ultra white products on the market should pay more attention to the number of scrub times.

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