Vacuum glass with double glass partitions or hollow glass? Zero

Vacuum glass with double glass partitions or hollow glass? This is the last time a lot of consumers are more concerned about the problem. With the continuous development of society, people’s living standards improve, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the quality of life, and the double glazing wall application is more and more widely, because the double glass partition set up not only than the ordinary wall quickly, and its cost is relatively low, the sound effect is good, is the most important look very beautiful, so welcomed by many consumers. So, is it better to use double glazing or vacuum glass? Should be the vast number of consumer requirements, Xiaobian today to tell you about the double glass partition wall, what kind of glass to use, I hope to help you.

First, according to the story, the vacuum glass is between two layers of glass vacuum, which can be said two layers of glass has no gas filed, vacuum technology, I believe that many consumers will not feel strange, because this technology in the thermos bottle has been widely used. The vacuum glass is the two pieces of flat glass around the seal, and then in the middle to leave a certain gap, and the gap into a vacuum, then seal the exhaust hole. In general, two glass inner surfaces are coated with one or two layers of transparent Low-E films. And data show that vacuum glass insulation performance is better than 2-3 times the insulating glass, and its sound insulation performance is better than insulating glass. But its impact strength is inferior to that of insulating glass.

Second, we double glass partition, glass partition is through double aluminum is two pieces of toughened glass fixed together to form a hollow, and generally in the hollow we can also choose to add metal blinds, it looks more beautiful, and then through the glass glue or strip seal, so there is more or less there will be some air. Therefore, the double wall glass used in the market is usually made of insulating glass.

Third, according to the story, there is no universal vacuum glass, so there are a lot of small manufacturers, consumers do not understand the use of vacuum glass under the condition of the pumping irrigation interval to air, hollow glass into dry gas is called vacuum glass, so everyone in the choose and buy when must pay attention to this point, many make a comparison.

Double glass partitions, vacuum glass or hollow glass good, I believe we have read the small series of explanations above, after the basic understanding has been, I hope to help you. Generally, vacuum glass is more suitable for use in curtain walls than insulating glass, and insulating glass is more suitable for interior partition. After all, its impact strength and insulation performance are still in room, and its performance is practical.

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