Urbanization power LED lighting industry development

Chinese is undergoing rapid urbanization of the hitherto unknown. According to the China Academy last year city blue book, 2020 Chinese urbanization rate expected to reach about 60%. The estimation results show that before 2020 and 2030 before the national people in need of the transfer of agricultural population will reach 300 million and 390 million.

In fact, in the past 30 years, urbanization is not only the data more put it down in black and white, is the expansion of city size, city life is becoming more and more colorful, city population continued to increase. Of course, there have many negative effects, such as environmental pollution, traffic congestion, rising crime rate etc..

How to solve the problems in the process of urbanization change, become the government, enterprises and the public face of common issues. In the process of urbanization in twenty-first Century the largest, China for emerging markets around the world and the third world countries urbanization model. While Chinese’s goal is to establish a sustainable competitive city, it must contain a livable, economic development, cultural tolerance, environment friendly, convenient transportation and other aspects of the “city” characteristics.

Urbanization opportunities

Urbanization will bring hundreds of millions of farmers into the city, the formation of the Chinese emerging consumer groups. The gradual release of the consumption potential, will become the new engine of economic growth Chinese. Fast city urbanization is promoting social progress and economic development, but also accompanied by many challenges of city environment, infrastructure, management and other aspects; and the problem of energy consumption is particularly striking city.

In the process of urbanization, LED lighting technology innovation had the biggest development, at the same time, it has become to solve the problems of urbanization, a key technology.

The LED light emitting diode, compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, sodium lamp, high pressure gas discharge lamp and other lighting products, which is currently on the market the best energy-saving lighting products, power consumption of only ordinary incandescent lamp 1\/10. At present, the lighting energy consumption accounts for about 20% of total global energy consumption. As the world’s first big energy consumption, China annual consumption in the lighting energy giant. According to statistics, if the lighting system Chinese 50% into LED, then the annual savings in electricity can build 2.5 Three Gorges power station.

In addition, according to the building materials network to understand, LED there is a prominent feature of life is very long, the general energy-saving lamp life of 6000~8000 hours, instead of the normal LED lighting products under the life of up to tens of thousands of hours. Long service life for LED in the use of cost, compared with the original city lighting has a huge cost advantage.

Shanghai City Lighting Industry Association Secretary General Weng Yinfu interview, both incandescent and fluorescent light or LED light, electricity costs accounted for more than 60% of the cost of comprehensive, because the LED lamp has very high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, so in the long run, the use of LED lighting in the synthesis of the lowest, as of 2012, the comprehensive cost less than the incandescent lamp (25% LED to expand the scale of production costs continue to drop in).

On the one hand, because of the great advantages of LED, it also benefited from the global pace of urbanization is accelerating, according to forecasts in 2020 the global LED lighting output will reach $65 billion 800 million. According to the Taiwan China and trends ITRI Industrial Economics Research Center report, China LED market size in 2012 reached $6 billion 900 million, can be expected in 2015 will reach $11 billion 100 million, compound growth rate of 20% or more.

Create a livable city

Modern urban lighting is seeking a visual harmony, make people feel harmony because light, it involves the projection light intensity, color, light, and a series of principle. LED lighting to meet this demand, the brightness and color temperature controlled it, making a variety of lighting fixtures which are so diverse, “illuminates” the connotation is extremely rich.

Intelligent and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions can not only enhance the sense of security of residents in the city streets of the city, improve people’s quality of life, but also can promote a city’s personality and charm, promote the development of business and tourism. The Guangzhou landmark building, the world’s highest TV Tower of Guangzhou TV Tower (also known as the “waistline”) as an example, during the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the colorful Canton Tower became the Guangzhou city skyline is the most beautiful scenery, also let the charm of Guangzhou’s show in front of Asian guests. Now she would become a landmark of tourists will go to the tourist attractions and the city of Guangzhou. Vivid effect Canton Tower Ambilight from more than 6000 sets of LED lighting equipment, nearly 330 thousand pieces of pure LED particles, can show the endless changes of millions of colors. The use of LED technology to the large-scale lighting project greatly reduce operating costs, a rough estimate, the power consumption of a 500 kilowatt hours, less than 1000 yuan, compared with the traditional energy-saving lighting scheme more than doubled.

In addition to illuminate the application of intelligent innovation, LED also realizes control of intelligent lighting, traditional lighting to achieve two-way communication and each lighting unit, which can monitor the working fine, can according to the surrounding environment (according to the weather, people and other changes) give the adjustment of lighting, but innovative LED make use of city lighting management become more intelligent, such as traffic rarely at midnight, the brightness of road lighting may be quite different and the rush hour is. Intelligent control highlights the innovation advantages of LED demonstrates the great power of There is nothing comparable to this, science and technology innovation and change the living environment.

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