Underground toilet drainage slope requirements of the toilet drain off how to do 0?

In the architectural and interior decoration and indoor outdoor drainage occupies a very important position, the drain slope settings will be directly related to the smooth building indoor and outdoor drainage, so will be directly related to the daily use of the residents, so the slope of the drainage pipe is arranged with a very strict approval and setting process. The following small for everyone to introduce the underground toilet drainage slope requirements and underground toilet drainage blocked how to do?.

Slope requirements for underground toilet drainage

According to the “code for design of outdoor drainage” (GB50014-2006) article 4.2.10, provisions of drainage pipe diameter and the minimum value of the corresponding minimum design gradient is: the sewage pipe minimum diameter d300mm \/ corresponding minimum design gradient plastic pipe 0.002, other 0.003. Minimum water pipe diameter d300mm \/ minimum design slope, plastic pipe 0.002, other pipe 0.003. The outdoor drainage slope in general, the maximum slope setting is no specific standard, because the slope of drainage outside of the set is also there are many factors, size and other aspects of material, the size of the pipe diameter and flow velocity all affect the drainage pipe slope setting. Installation and acceptance procedure setting and the pipeline slope drainage outside the special details need rigorous, acceptance on the part of the project, the project manager, construction units and supervision units to participate in the quality acceptance inspection group, if it contains sub items, also need to subcontract the project manager signed acceptance of drainage pipe, different slope, pipeline construction of irrigation and water, ditch soil treatment and well pool bottom strength etc. are all approval and signature.

Different slope of indoor drainage pipe and set the outdoor drainage pipe, the indoor design situation of the relatively more complex, so are generally not in separate calculation but take a specific value for the region and range, directly determine the drainage slope. There are clear provisions such as slope drainage pipe in the general acceptance of such documents, when the interior decoration design and construction, the owners and staff must understand the acceptance specification, determine the standard spacing between the slope related drainage pipe standard value, the minimum value of slope and supporting point, in order to do better smooth interior design drainage. The drainage pipe has a relationship with the slope drainage pipeline material, generally cast iron pipes, because the friction coefficient is relatively large, so in the design of slope drainage pipe, the slope is greater than the design of plastic drainage pipe. As a rule, the slope of the indoor drainage pipe should be controlled between 25%-30%, and the specific value should be further referenced to the corresponding specifications. For the toilet drainage pipe slope, generally set at about 2% is appropriate, the slope as small as possible, and if the slope is too high, may give the toilet other related parts of the use of inconvenience.

What about the drainage of the underground toilet?

1, sewage dredge agent: is the best product on the market, this product for hair, greasy, paper towels and other jams caused by the effect is very good. Used in washbasin, wash basin, floor drain, toilet and so on. It does not damage the sewer pipe, including the PVC pipe. The method of operation is used according to the above instructions.

2, you can use home care off, at the inlet of the sewer, and then put half a pool of water, and the suction pressure, the toilet can also pass.

3, to the market to buy a special toilet through the leather base, at the inlet of the sewer, ramming force, in force, the toilet can also pass.

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