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Gypsum board is a kind of material made of construction gypsum as main raw material. It is a lightweight, high strength, thinner thickness, easy to process, as well as sound insulation, insulation and fire protection performance of better building materials, is currently focused on the development of new light plate. When used, the light steel keel is usually used as a ceiling and a partition wall, and the flat surface and the seamless structure can form simple, generous and practical decorative effect. Then, the types of gypsum board and gypsum board ceiling, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s take a look at it.

Types of gypsum board, gypsum board ceiling, merits and demerits

1 plasterboard

Plasterboard is gypsum slurry for sandwich, a lightweight armor plate on both sides of paper as a. Plasterboard of light texture, high strength, fire prevention, moth proofing, easy processing. Ordinary plasterboard for interior walls, partitions, and ceilings. The water-resistant plasterboard can be used for the room walls with higher humidity. Such as bathroom, kitchen, bathroom and so on, ceramic tile, metal plate, plastic face, brick lining board.

2 decorative gypsum board

Decorative gypsum board is building gypsum as main raw material, adding a small amount of fiber sheet made of materials with various patterns and decorations. Such as printing plate, perforated gypsum ceiling board, gypsum board, gypsum relief ceiling surface decorative board and so on, is a new type of interior decoration materials, suitable for high-grade decoration, with light, fireproof, moisture-proof, easy processing, easy installation etc.. Especially the new resin imitation type facing waterproof gypsum board, the surface is covered with resin, decorative imitation pattern, the color pattern is lifelike, generous novel, plate of high strength, resistant to pollution, easy cleaning, can be used to decorate the walls, wall panels and skirting boards do, is an ideal material to replace natural stone and terrazzo.

3 、 gypsum hollow lath

Gypsum hollow lath is a kind of hollow board made of construction gypsum as main raw material and adding proper amount of light filling material or fiber material. This kind of board needs no paper or adhesive, and it needs no keel when it is installed. It is a kind of light plate with a relatively fast development. Mainly used for interior walls and partitions.

4 、 plasterboard

Gypsum fiber board is building gypsum as main raw materials, and mixing amount of fiber reinforced material, the flexural strength of the sheet is higher than that of gypsum board, can be used for internal walls and partitions, but also can replace wood furniture.

In traditional plasterboard, the production of gypsum slab and gypsum decorative board is increasing, and the output of gypsum lath is decreasing. There are also new products increasing, such as gypsum sound absorption board, refractory board, insulation board and gypsum composite board. Gypsum board specifications also to high thickness, large size direction.

In addition, the use of gypsum products is also widening, in addition to the base village, but also used as surface decoration materials, and even used as floor tiles, exterior wall panels and wall core material.

The above kind of gypsum board and gypsum board ceiling advantages and disadvantages, simply introduced here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please stay tuned.

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