Two magic weapons to win the tile enterprise: product and marketing innovation

[a] industry, enterprise development and progress cannot do without the product and marketing, a new era of consumers for ceramic tile products have different needs, product innovation is the only way; with the marketing but also to make the product can transition tile enterprise success, there are many the challenges behind the difficulties, tile enterprise innovation should pay attention to the product development and marketing mode.
Tile enterprises should carry out product and marketing innovations
Now the tile industry problems are too many brands too complex, lack of innovation in product design. According to incomplete statistics, at present in the domestic category of tile brands are large and small, there are thousands of small scale, there are dozens of, and these brands in the product and marketing too much similarity. In Italy, Germany, the United States and other countries, the market of a single category of tile brands are mostly decades, hundreds of years old shop. Each brand Department has its own unique style, and once it’s known, what brand is it?. If enterprises want to develop, especially in the less prosperous market conditions, only innovation can find a breakthrough and win competition. The key lies in product innovation and marketing innovation.
Marketing innovation makes the consumption process more convenient and enjoyable
In the center of the times for user consumption, link design, any product manufacturing, sales and service of all cannot do without the participation of users, users can only effectively participate in make the product more satisfy the market, O2O online and offline mode is a profound change in the ceramic tile industry. Direct interaction pattern is O2O can get through the manufacturers and the users, allowing users to demand the first time transfer to manufacturers, manufacturers professional organization design and survival, with the help of experience online and offline transactions feedback, fast and convenient service users.
Marketing innovation is to focus on “ user spending convenience and pleasure ” change, plainly speaking, is how users can easily find you, and get a pleasant consumption experience. To be convenient for consumers to find you, we need diversified distribution channels, the line is tile stores stores also have independent stores and shopping plaza shop, online is similar to Tmall Jingdong this third party stores have their own e-commerce platform vertical win, experience online and offline interaction, to achieve double mutual exchange and finally let users feel the body eyelid pleasure and brand identity.

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