Traditional ceramics and sunrise industry

[ceramics] as one of the traditional industries of our country, it is the critical period of transformation and upgrading and the throes of structural adjustment. One of the important contents is how to concentrate on the &ldquo of traditional industries, tap the potential and open up wasteland ” build an upgraded version of the sunrise industry, and promote “ old trees sprout new shoots ”.
As a traditional industry, ceramic industry has the characteristics of high energy, high pollution and high emissions become three “ ” industry, has made outstanding contributions to the national economy and the people at home, but this was all about. In recent years, accompanied by a wave of environmental protection storm, a wave of ceramic enterprises are also actively respond to national policies, efforts to improve the environment spare no effort, and has achieved initial results.
Because of the special property of ceramic industry, its existence and development also cannot do without a lot of resources and energy consumption; special ceramic production process, but also can not completely eliminate the generation of pollutants, which is the sustainable development of ceramic industry test, is the sunrise industry will need to get rid of obstacles ahead. Traditional ceramic industry has entered the era of small profits, we can no longer imagine high input, high production and profiteering era,
Ceramic products are closely related to people’s life at home, the market demand, industry prospects undoubtedly, there is no subversive alternative products, with scientific and technological progress and industrial upgrading, have the ability to have the characteristics of sunrise industry.
To achieve the upgrading of traditional ceramics to the sunrise industry, it is necessary for the ceramic industry to make persistent efforts, conscientiously implement relevant policies, regulations and standards, and implement the established green, low-carbon and environmentally sustainable road map. Include the following points.
Eliminate backward production capacity
This is the eradication of the ceramic industry “ three high ” industrial image of the most effective way, but also to promote the transformation and upgrading of one of the main tasks. Through the promotion of product standards, environmental protection standards, related industrial standards, eliminate backward production capacity, improve access threshold, control new capacity, and realize the high efficiency, high quality and high value sustainable development of the ceramic industry.
Structural adjustment and upgrading
The adjustment of product structure and task difficulty, to focus on the quality and efficiency of transformation and structural adjustment, not only is the product from low to high-grade production equipment to upgrade, the development of mechanization, automation, intelligent direction, change the mode of production from extensive to intensive, fine, or improve the quality to create international brand, so as to consolidate the sustainable development industry foundation.
Energy-saving emission reduction forced
Under the combination of environmental protection storm, access policies and industrial standards, energy conservation and emission reduction have become the inevitable step for the transformation and upgrading of the ceramics industry, and the only way for Longmen to move towards the sunrise industry. With the adjustment and transformation of the overall national economy, traditional industries from the impact of energy saving and emission reduction, and more strict environmental protection policy has formed a forced mechanism, so that the traditional industry transformation is not only a dead end.
Innovation driven upgrade
Ceramic industry from traditional industries to Chaoyang industry, not only is the product of scientific and technological content increased, the brand jumped to the internationalization, but also the overall upgrading of technology and equipment, for the upgraded version of the dream of power to lay a solid foundation. And the driving force of innovation is also the core driving force to the sunrise industry. The ceramic industry can only move steadily toward the sunrise industry step by step, with the all-round, three-dimensional and innovative drive strategy.
Ceramic enterprises should decisively abandon the single way of development in order to win the low-end products, in the new normal fully see the market status, analysis of the trend, to adapt to the new market demand, promote the adjustment of product structure upgrade, build market, competitive and high value-added, high-tech transformation products, realize the development of high-end products and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, create a new growth point.
There is no sunset industry, only sunset products. In the overall market constantly, the elimination of the traditional products that are not. But the traditional ceramic industry, is not a sunset industry, but the market demand and supply has not been fully &ldquo Zhuangshan; ”. And the transformation and leap from traditional industries to Chaoyang industries is a test of confidence and ability of the ceramic industry.

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