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Hydropower transformation can be said in the Home Furnishing decoration is a highlight of hydropower transformation problems will be for the entire Home Furnishing decoration and the future life has more important influence, so small in here to introduce the reconstruction of the toilet hydropower installation considerations which, hope to be able to help you to understand the transformation of the hydropower installation considerations have Jiezhuang help.

Notes on installation of water and electricity in toilets

1, after washing machine location is determined, the washing machine drainage can consider to make the drainpipe inside the wall, beautiful and convenient;

2, if the excess must be closed drain, drain and drain blocked the gap between, to prevent water spill down;

3, in advance want to use gas or electric water heater, to avoid changing the type of water heater temporarily, resulting in repeated reconstruction of waterways;

4. The design of a waterway requires all the equipment related to water, such as water purifiers, water heaters, kitchen treasures, toilets and sinks, etc., their location, installation methods, and the need for hot water;

5, the pressure test, the best owners presence, can play a supervisory role; because some decoration team will deceive the owners in this link. The method is: when the pressure, open the pump pressure “ backwater valve ” pump pressure to form a loop, although look at work, but the tube and not much pressure, especially for electric pump pressure, the students should pay more attention to. If you don’t understand, ask a professional to take a look at it.

6, the toilet in addition to the left hand basins, toilets, washing machines and other water outlet, it is best to take one out, and later water, mopping the floor is very convenient; this depends on the owners, everyone likes the problem.

7, water reform should have pressure test, but now many decoration team did not suppress the test. They will use a lot of methods to cheat you, say what does not have to suppress ah, there is pressure in the water pipe, ah, and so on;

8, puwan tile kitchen after the water should check, look at the floor drain is smooth (to remove floor drain cover drainage speed prevail, because most are deep water leakage drainage fief slowly.);

9, there is especially important, it is best not to use the washing machine drain water seal floor drain, drainage washing machine speed is very fast, the displacement of large, deep water seal floor drain water speed cannot meet, the results will directly lead to flow down the overflow;

10, the use of deepwater fief leakage, according to the use of regular cleaning, otherwise the pad below the floor drain hang dirt is not closed;

11, Shoufang should check the kitchen and toilet each outlet is smooth, if slow drainage should be timely to let the property dredge; should be protected on the drain during the renovation, especially during the tiles on the kitchen, the most easy to cause the fall into the drain caused by the blockage of cement;

12, waterway renovation, to install electrical water heaters, water diversion, and other cold and hot water pipe should be paid attention to four points:

(1) the cold and hot water pipes are of the same height;

(2), cold and hot water pipes should be higher than the mouth wall two cm, also should be paved with tiles puwan tile Wagong requirements, to ensure the same level of pipe wall and pipe. The size is not appropriate, after installing water tap water heaters, etc., it may need to purchase another hoop, wire connectors to complete installation;

(3), cold and hot water pipes in vertical wall after wall should also pay attention to don’t let Wagong warped (not vertical, after installation can be difficult);

(4) ensure the distance between 15 cm (now most electric water heaters, water taps, hot and cold water, water spacing is 15 cm, and there is another 10 cm);

Pay attention to hydropower transformation 13, bathroom floor must not forget to do waterproof, especially the ground slotted. If the shower area is not closed shower room, waterproof wall should be 180 cm high, to prevent the &ldquo wall &rdquo days after sweating;. Be sure to do the 24 hour closed water test before applying the cement.

小编总结:相信大家阅读了上面的内容之后,应该对于Notes on installation of water and electricity in toilets有所了解了,希望能够帮助大家做好卫生间改造水电安装有所帮助。欲知更多精彩资讯,请继续关注齐家网了解。

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