To cater to consumer tastes, integrated ceiling manufacturers can do so

The development of integrated ceiling is becoming faster and faster, and the competition situation is becoming more and more tense. Consumer demand varies from place to place, and manufacturers’ pressure on development is constantly increasing. Small workshops through imitation, copycat to maintain the survival and development, however, manufacturers of course requires more innovative, not passive follow the trend, but active research consumer demand for taste, and develop new products.
In recent years, the development of integrated ceiling began to focus on innovative R & D, into the “ a hundred flowers bloom, &rdquo era. Integrated ceiling on the road of innovation is gratifying, because only innovation can progress, and development, represents an industry began to mature gradually. However, the purpose of innovation research and development is to cater to the market demand, more directly, that is to cater to the tastes of consumers, to meet the trend of the times, or else lag behind the trend of the times, consumers will be abandoned.
How to cater to the tastes of consumers and the times? For several elements now consumer needs of the consumer demand for furniture products, now the main three elements is “ ” ” beautiful, “ &rdquo service;. Then, around the three major factors, integrated ceiling industry can do the following work:
First, in the art of integrated ceiling, there have been no young pioneers, bold exploration of a variety of styles. The integrated ceiling industry now with major consumer future middle power is the need to marry and settle down shopping home room 80, their common pursuit of individuality, stereotyped repetition of hate. Therefore, the integration ceiling innovation has been closely followed by 80’s fashion trends, old, immutable style is absolutely unacceptable to them.
Two, integrated ceiling is initially integrated heating, lighting, ventilation and other modules. But these are the most basic functions, the advantages of integrated ceiling is that the functionality of the module can be arbitrarily assembled, so it can be developed to load more functions to meet the needs of different consumers.
Three, more and more consumers pay attention to integrated ceiling products and customer service service conditions are important to consider it in the selection of products, after all, many consumers are not familiar with the product in the process of installation in use may have had a lot of problems, the more important is that consumers worry if the quality safety problems of time, not to a good solution. Therefore, integrated ceiling industry should increase investment in services to solve consumer worries, consumers are naturally willing to choose your product.

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