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Dry hanging tiles will bracket fixed on the wall through the bolt, and then fixed by welding vertical and horizontal keel keel, and bolt stainless steel hanging tenon is fixed on the lateral keel, hanging on the back of their tiles paste has slotted granite, arranged according to the design requirements, which is fixed on the stainless steel hanging tenon, avoid wet mosaic technology brings disadvantages such as hollowing, cracks and peeling off. So, ceramic tile, marble, dry hang construction process, we know how much? The following Xiaobian for everyone to explain.

Construction technology of dry hanging ceramic tile

Dry hanging tile construction sequence: &rarr layout; pick tile → processing, steel making, steel frame number → acceptance of → external wall base wall dividing line → → &rarr fixed steel frame; check the flatness and firmness of the fixed tiles → → surface cleaning and caulking caulking sealing → and &rarr clean → sealant; acceptance.

Construction method of dry hanging ceramic tile

1, tile ready

First, by colorimetric method of tile color sorting; on the same side of the installation of the tile color consistency, and according to the design size and the requirements of the drawings, the special mould is fixed on the bench drill for drilling on the stone. Next, brush the unsaturated gum on the back of the tile. The tiles in the brush glue again, put the number written on the tile, and clean the tile on the dust and impurity pollution.

2, wall partition, line and install skeleton

First, clean the structural surface of the dried tiles. Then, the position of the skeleton is projected onto the main structure, and the line work is carried out according to the axis and the elevation point. The verticality is controlled by theodolite, and the horizontal line is measured by level, and marked on the wall and beam column. On the wall surface, the vertical vertical channel is first positioned to determine the fixed point of the vertical main keel, and then the horizontal angle steel is positioned on the vertical channel when the vertical channel is finished. The construction method of welding quality, key skeleton construction main keel and the wall wall welding deformation and no embedded parts, and by the owners, supervision, quality supervision station of the covert acceptance. The quality control points of the installation frame: vertical and horizontal keel spring line position; whether the vertical keel is in the same plane.

3. Install wall tiles

Line: both ends of the surface from the construction site, from top to bottom up vertical line points on the ground or fixed point. For vertical, according to the general board and the base layer back hanging plate benchmark, primary facade according to plate size and the width of gap pop-up vertical horizontal grid line.

Pendant mounting: according to the design and release Moxian pendant pendant specifications and quantity requirements, at the same time to force plate screw and connecting nut hand detection of tightening efforts, so as to meet the design requirements of the quality.

In the end plate connection: plate hole, filled with epoxy resin mixture amount and insert the anchor pin, with epoxy resin mixture to ensure proper solidification time than, should be as specific and decide, generally in 4-8 hours, to avoid premature solidification and embrittlement, slow solidification and loose.

Plate installation: usually start viewing main or main facade, followed by a bottom-up sequential installation, to avoid cross operation to reduce the deviation, and pay attention to the consistency of color sheet. The installation of each layer shall be completed, and the adjustment of the external error shall be made once, and the tightening force of the hanging bolts shall be checked and checked by the force board.

4 、 install ceramic tile bottom board

First install the lower tile according to the position of the stainless steel anchor fixed to the wall. The ceramic tile, the backboard and the anchor fixing pin are positioned in the right position, and then the flatness, the verticality and the gap of the ceramic tile are adjusted by the rectangular bolt hole on the anchor. Then the anchor tiles will be firmly fixed, and fixed anchor fixed block glue.

5. Install the uplink

Back down the first slot Andante injected embedded glue, wipe residual glue, a method for ceramic tile installed according to the bottom plate of the place. Check installation quality, comply with design and specification requirements, fixed later.

6 、 Begonia angle sealant caulking

After the ceramic tile hangs the construction, carries on the surface to clean and to clear in the crevice dust. In the angle of Begonia on both sides of the tiles, by sewing paste plastic tape 10-15mm wide, to prevent contamination of tile glue caulking. Then fill the sealant with a glue gun. If the sealant is found to pollute the surface, it must be wiped immediately.

Features of tile and marble

1, it is difficult to deformation, good flatness, ceramic tile against cold, hot, overcome the wall temperature expansion;

2, the construction is more simple, in the process of installation and construction, only simple operation, short construction period;

3, because the porcelain with high temperature and high pressure forming, the sheet of light, high-rise buildings and have low weight acid alkali and water resistance;

4, unique style, the overall chromatic aberration. Ceramic products are more colorful and colorful than natural materials, so the effect of dry hanging tiles is more beautiful;

5, the use of ceramic artificial board is more environmentally friendly than natural stone.

6, compared with the natural stone, tile price is only about 1\/5, more affordable for consumers.

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